Kansas City Man Sheds 55 Pounds and 20% Body Fat at Hitch Fit Personal Training Gym

Hitch Fit Gym has two private personal training studios in the Kansas City area:

Downtown/Midtown Kansas City – 3036 Gillham Rd. KCMO 64108

Overland Park, KS at 91st & Metcalf next to Whole Foods Market.

To work with one of the Hitch Fit TRANSFORMATION Personal Trainers at either location call 816-753-8900 or write to [email protected] for details on rates and how our programs work.

Not in the Kansas City area? Visit www.HitchFit.com for Online Personal Training programs available worldwide.

Todd shed 55 pounds and 20% Body Fat at Hitch Fit Gym!

Todd front before and after

Todd back before and after

Todd’s Story:

“I was not the athlete in high school or college and my job requires me to be sitting in front of a computer all day, so my activity level is generally pretty low. I had been working out on my own for quite a while and seeing mixed results or seeing less progress than I expected. I’d be down 10 lbs and then a couple months later, it was all back. I’d run a few days a week, do weight lifting here and there, and not really pay enough attention to my nutrition since I was getting in my exercise. I was tired of playing the weight loss game, unhappy with where my body was, and I was ready to get serious about my results so I decided that getting some assistance was what I needed to keep myself in check and really get back into shape. This would end up being one of the best decisions I ever made. Like many others, I found Hitch Fit through researching the web, just looking for a local trainer that would help me get in shape. I was impressed by the before and after shots at Hitch Fit and noticed that some of the people were people I’ve seen at work and knew first hand that they were in good shape. I figured since the transformation pictures were real, and I want to get in great shape like that, then that’s where I needed to go.

My goal coming in was just to lose weight, feel better, look better. I was tired of not living up to my potential and just being OK with my current level of health. Not long after starting my sessions at Hitch Fit, the weight started coming off and I realized that I could do this. My clothes quickly started to not fit anymore, the body fat was just melting away. While I had to cut out some of the foods and habits that I used to do, over time it became easier and easier. Before long it wasn’t difficult to stay on track, it just became a daily habit to eat right and workout regularly, which will make it easy to maintain these results long after I’m done.

Looking much better, feeling better is just part of the benefit though. I’ve had essential hypertension (high blood pressure) for about 15 years, and have started taking cholesterol medications within the last couple of years. In my most recent trip for an annual physical my doctor took blood work and blood pressure readings and decided that not only do I no longer need to be on cholesterol medication, but also has reduced my blood pressure medication. I had assumed that these were just medications I’d have to take for the rest of my life, so this news came as an awesome surprise to me! Not only am I now in great shape, but I am off most of the medications I had been taking (still have to take one blood pressure medication). I look better, I feel better, I’m in a much healthier place now, and I can definitely say that this transformation was one of the most rewarding and important things I’ve ever done.”

Are YOU Ready for YOUR transformation?

Contact Hitch Fit gym today at 816-753-8900 or write to [email protected] for details on rates and how our programs work!

Hitch Fit Gym has two private personal training studios in the Kansas City area:

3036 Gillham Rd. KCMO 64108 (downtown/midtown)

91st & Metcalf (next to Whole Foods Market) Overland Park, KS

Not in the Kansas City area? Check out our Online Personal Training Programs available worldwide at www.HitchFit.com

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