Whitney came to me about a year ago with the goal of losing a few pounds for her wedding. She had just begun her journey of getting into shape. On the first day Whitney weighed in at 161.4 After making minor changes in her nutrition Whitney began to lose every week. She continued to work hard for her wedding. She had set the goal to be down 15lbs by the time her wedding came around. Well, she not only hit her goal she continued to challenge herself to work harder.
Whitney had adapted the healthy and fit lifestyle, and was eager to see what she could really do. After her wedding she decided to compete in her first fitness competition. She handle everything that was thrown at her with ease. If you’ve ever met Whitney in person you will know that she is one of the hardest working women out there. From day one to today she never gave up, and when it was difficult she pushed harder! It has been amazing working with Whitney. She has not only become an amazing athlete and competitor, but also one of my very good friends!
Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey! It has been an amazing year working with you. I have no doubt that you will do some amazing things. “You’re kinda awesome!” 🙂
What’s next for Whitney?? She will be running her first marathon this September and then plans to step on The WBFF stage again in October!!
Last night I ran 3.25 miles. A year ago, I couldn’t even run half a mile. I was 35 lbs. heavier and couldn’t get through the day without an anxiety attack.
My therapist told me to find a workout where I could punch things. This is how I met Ellie and soon after we met, we were training together once a week. The initial goal was to get in shape for my wedding, then for my honeymoon four months later.
I committed to changing my lifestyle and made exercise and diet a top priority. I hit my wedding goal (15 lbs.) and my honeymoon goal (25 lbs.). After that we needed a new goal, so almost exactly one year to the day after Ellie and I started training together, I competed beside her as a WBFF Diva Bikini model. I had lost 35+ lbs. and was a size 2-4. When I started my journey I was a size 12.
Ellie has been a coach, mentor, trainer and friend. Without her, I wouldn’t have made the choice to be happy in both mind and body. I channel my anxiety into becoming stronger physically and it also makes me stronger mentally. Every day she helps me make a conscious choice to be happy.
Eighty percent of your success will be determined outside of the gym, but that twenty percent where you work one-on-one with your trainer is crucial. I wouldn’t have anyone else help me achieve my goals. Our next goal?
I’m running a half marathon in September and plan to compete in the Oklahoma City WBFF show in October. Like a boss.