Transformation by Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Ellie Gundelfinger at Hitch Fit Gym in Kansas City:
Brand New Bikini Body for Summer!

I have had the pleasure of working with Carmen for the past 16 weeks. When Carmen first walked through the doors at HitchFit she was determined to change her life. From day one she showed me everyday that she was doing this program to not only change her physical appearance, but wanted to make a lifestyle change. I can confidently say that she has done that! During the 16 weeks Carmen went from 160.2 Lbs to 136.6 Lbs and lost 10% body fat! Im so unbelievable proud of her hard work and the amazing women that she has become! Congrats Carmen! 🙂

Ellie at HitchFit has made an amazing, profound impact on who I am. With Ellie’s guidance and encouragement, I found a side of me I didn’t know existed; I found discipline and self-motivation. I feel incredible, and have a new confidence I’ve never had. I can truly say I’m a better person, inside and out! The tools I’ve learned from Ellie are lifelong. This was truly a life-changing, life-improving transformation!
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