Transformation by Hitch Fit Downtown Kansas City Personal Trainer (Transformer) Lesley Denny!
How to Eat for Weight Loss! Jennifer learned how at Hitch Fit!
How to Eat for Weight Loss - Jennifer lost over 20 pounds

How to Eat for Weight Loss – Jennifer lost over 20 pounds

Over 20 pound weight loss at Hitch Fit

Over 20 pound weight loss at Hitch Fit

Jennifer’s Story:
“I started struggling with my weight in my early teens. Year after year I packed on the pounds when at the age of 21 I reached an all time high of 260 pounds. I finally looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I was seeing; I have an addictive personality and was able to turn it from food into exercising. I immediately began to exercise and diet, when I say exercise I mean I was going to the gym for 3 hours a day, running 6 miles and doing over an hour of weight training. I lost over 100 pounds in 1 year, I was so proud of myself, felt great and for the over the next 10 years I was able to maintain it by literally killing myself at the gym. I became pregnant at 34 and after all those years of working out I used it as an excuse to literally stop working out and eat whatever I wanted, BIG MISTAKE! My weight ballooned to 230 pounds, I didn’t think much of it because I was pregnant and everyone around me kept saying “oh don’t be hard on yourself you are just pregnant”, I thought after the baby came I would just hit the gym again and the pounds would melt off. Well needless to say having a baby and working full-time- it put the gym and dieting on the backburner, I had a hard time fitting it all in. Over the next 4 years I did lose a little weight but eventually plateaued and couldn’t get past the 200 mark. It was frustrating, I was working out, dieting, I tried everything from low carb, paleo, Weight Watchers, nothing worked! I would lose a little but then it would come rushing back. This past summer I happened to meet Lesley at my sisters Bridal Shower, I have never loss my passion for working out, in fact not only is it healthy, a stress reliever but I actually enjoy doing it. So I started asking Lesley a lot of questions about what she does and then looked on the website at others success stories. In the past I always scoffed at personal training, I thought “hey, I have been working out for years, I don’t need any help with it”, but I quickly found out that Hitch Fit is not about just working out (although that is a definitely a part of it), 80% is about your nutrition. I didn’t understand that, because I was stubborn and said I know what I need to eat to lose weight “NO CARBS” but then I would cheat on the weekends (it always worked in the past). When I first meet with Lesley, she asked me to write down a typical week of my eating habits. I did and she said it is simple- you are literally starving your body throughout the week and then binge eat on the weekends, your body simply doesn’t know what to do!
I took a leap of faith and put myself in Lesley’s capable hands, I loved her approach and demeanor, and thought “it can’t hurt to just try it!”.
The biggest thing was my nutrition plan. Lesley took the time to map it out and nail it down the exact macros I needed to eat. It was completely different from anything I had tried in the past. I am the type of person if I know exactly what I can eat- I will follow it strictly. At first I was shocked. I can have rice? Bread (whole grain)? Those always seemed taboo, since I associated any carb with weight gain, but quickly learned it was about portion control and pairing it with the right fats and proteins. I became obsessed, I meal planned, packed my lunch, snacks (drove my husband crazy!). Then came the best part, WORKOUTS! I loved being challenged with new things and I loved the custom workouts Lesley created for me, in fact I looked forward to our sessions and what was the next monthly plan. Like I said I have always worked out but I was doing the same things and not challenging myself to try different workouts. Lesley taught me a lot and was always there for me after hours if I had a question in regards to anything. I loved the fact that my body would feel sore again or that I couldn’t walk properly the after a leg workout!
The pounds started to melt off with me losing 1-2 pounds a week and 1-2% body fat each time we would measure. I could feel myself getting stronger and having more energy due to the diet. The fact that I was seeing results kept me motivated! I feel like I was able to get a handle on how to be able to enjoy what I was eating and also loved feeling STRONG!
Now on to Lesley…
Through this experience I have not only gained knowledge in nutrition and fitness but I have found an amazing coach and friend. She never doubted what I could do and was always looking out for what was best for me. You can tell she truly has a passion for what she does and helping people reach their goals, It was because of this that I was committed to the process and put my trust in her. I was determined not to let myself or her down! I have a sales background and can be very skeptical and competitive, I wouldn’t say I am weak or shy, in fact I can be more stubborn or think I know what I am doing and don’t need any help! What works best to motivate me, is when someone puts a goal in front of me and I become determined to reach it! I think Lesley could see that in me, so her approach was a perfect fit!
Looking back now I think it is funny how far we have come together. Lesley was newly pregnant and I loved to joke that as I lost weight she was gaining it! So it made us the perfect pair! Towards the end I was still amazed that she would be showing me how to perform a certain squat or workout, all the while her baby bump is growing. She is a perfect example of what I should have been doing the whole time I was pregnant!
So a final thank you Lesley and Hitch Fit- for helping me drop 3 sizes, return to healthy BF % and provide me the tools to ensure I am living a healthy lifestyle. I was able to reach the original goal I had put in place and can now continue on to the next one! 10 more pounds and 3% BF! IT WILL HAPPEN!”
Kansas City Personal Trainer Lesley Denny with client Jennifer

Kansas City Personal Trainer Lesley Denny with client Jennifer

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