Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer (Transformer) Amy Gipson!

Lose 30 Pounds at Hitch Fit like this busy mom did!

Mom loses 30 pounds at Hitch Fit!

Mom loses 30 pounds at Hitch Fit!

A note from Amy:

Everyone please meet beautiful Casey Zillner! She is a mother of two young girls, a wife and works in realty. She came to Hitch Fit after learning about me from our mutual friend, Julie Strohm. What I love about Casey is that she came in with an entire list of goals! When asked her Ultimate goals here is her response:

1. Wanted to teach the family the right and wrong things to eat

2. Wanted to make exercise a daily routine

3. Wanted self-confidence

4. Wanted to run a 5K maybe

5. Wanted to not have a coverup for photos

6. Wanted to feel comfortable attending social functions

7. Wanted to feel comfortable in tanks and in a swimsuit

I knew from that very first meeting with Casey, that she was going to be the most positive, hardworking woman while in the gym and while away from the gym. I watched Casey change week-by-week and each and every week I could see Casey gain more self confidence and start to wear more form fitting clothing. Talk about hitting her goals…

I am so proud of this woman. I adore every her in every way (even though she is a die hard K-state fan and I am a die hard KU fan). Casey embodies all there is to transformation and the balanced lifestyle we teach. Casey, congratulations on your hard work and success. I have no doubt you will be sporting a swimsuit this coming summer season!

Casey’s Stats:

Starting weight:176 lbs
Ending weight: 146 lbs
Starting body fat%: 28%
Ending body fat%: 17%

30 Pound Weight Loss at Hitch Fit

This mom lost 30 pounds at Hitch Fit!

Before and After 30 pound weight loss at Hitch Fit!

Casey’s Story:

“My decision to do a transformation came after giving myself an ultimatum. Either I was going to “own it” and learn to love my current weight, or I was going to have to shed it. I was not obese, and I knew that. However, I had a great deal of unwanted weight that was literally taking over my life. In 5 years, I had gotten married, had two babies, made a huge career change, and put on about 30 pounds that didn’t budge. The first three things kept me busy, but the weight was taking over. I based all decisions on how I looked…I canceled activities with friends, dreaded family functions, avoided people I knew in public, spent tons of money on clothing before any event just to feel a little bit better about how I looked…all while eating whatever I wanted, not working out at all, and feeling miserable and depressed a great majority of the time. Oh, I tried to lose the weight from time to time with various diets and exercise, but I just couldn’t stick to anything. It was a cycle that left me feeling terrible. To top it off, it was impacting my family. My husband was missing out on social events because I didn’t want to go. I also now had two beautiful little girls that were going to grow up seeing their mommy upset about her body. That was something I wasn’t okay with, and I didn’t want to pass my bad habits and bad body image on to my sweet babes. Not to mention, I am a real estate agent…being antisocial is just not an option! I knew myself well enough to know that I would never be happy with the extra weight. I had to make a change, and I knew it had to be big. My hairdresser, Julie, was the one who actually recommended Amy. I loved the idea that Amy had been through this herself, was a mom like me, and Julie promised she was about the sweetest person I would ever hope to meet! I called immediately after leaving the salon and never looked back.

Amy was, in fact, the perfect fit for me. For the first time, I looked forward to working out. I loved my time with her at Hitch Fit, and I also loved the fact that I had options with my food and never felt hungry. I began to notice that I never cheated on my nutrition as long as I stuck to her meal plan. The first few weeks were difficult. I was in it 100%, but it was difficult to make sure I prepped my meals, got my workouts in, and did everything just right all while juggling my family and career. My husband was super supportive, though, which helped me get through those initial weeks. Amy was always available for my many questions! After a short time, I knew what and when to eat without checking my meal plan. I also began to “know” my body. I knew the times of day when I burned calories more quickly and how to adjust my schedule to fit my gym time in. To put it simply, I started making myself and my health a priority…something that was unfamiliar but felt amazing!

Meeting Amy and going through a transformation has literally changed my life and my family’s life. My sweet husband no longer hears “you’re just saying that” as a comeback when he gives me a compliment. My little girls talk about staying healthy and exercising, which is something that never would have happened had I continued on the path I was on. And me? I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life! I have been at this weight before, but I have never been this fit. I cannot say enough great things about Amy and the staff at Hitch Fit. I couldn’t have asked for a more motivating, caring, and truly compassionate trainer…who also managed to whip my booty into shape! Amy, my family and I cannot thank you enough!”

This mom lost 30 pounds at Hitch Fit!

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