Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Training TRANSFORMER James Hanton!


Chris shed 70 Pounds at Hitch Fit Overland Park Gym!

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Chris Roberts Side

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Chris’s Story:

Before I met James I was 27 years old and weighed over 350 pounds.

The sad thing is I know there were points where I weighed even more. I was having

trouble sleeping, woke up nauseous every morning, was exhausted most of the
time and would get winded going up a single flight of stairs. I was putting
garbage into my body and had no concept of how what I was eating was
affecting me. I hated how I looked and was really unhappy with my body.

After trying to lose weight on my own and never being able to drop more
then 10 or 15 pounds I realized I needed help.

From the moment I reached out to James he was nothing but positive,
encouraging, and energizing. I was really nervous at first because I hadn’t
seen the inside of a gym in years but James and everyone at Hitch Fit were
extremely welcoming and made me feel at home almost immediately. James is
amazing trainer and even better person. He coached, encouraged, and pushed
me to do things I never even thought my body was capable of.

Through out the process James made sure I never settled. He pushed me to
bring out the best me and empowered me to take control of my health. I can
honestly say I have never felt as good as I do now. My energy levels are
through the roof, my health (according to my doctor) has never been better,
and I look better then I did in college. I can not put into words how much
better I feel both physically and mentally about myself. James and Hitch Fit
empowered me to transform my body and take control of my health. I now have
the tools and knowledge I need to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle for
the rest of my time on this planet.

I consider James a friend and not just a trainer. He went above and beyond
in getting to know me and teaching me how to be a healthier person. He
always stayed positive and continued to motivate me even when I was having
tough weeks. James was 100% committed to helping me achieve my goals. I
truly feel like James changed my life.

If you are serious about taking back control of you health and transforming
your body James is going to help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend
James and promise that if you commit to the program and work hard you will
see results.”

James and Chris

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