Healthy Living Positively Impacts Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

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Healthy Living Positively Impacts Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. After the pain and trauma of losing her son, Jamie knew that training her body would have a positive impact on her mental and emotional health too. This inspiring lady went through a remarkable transformation at Hitch Fit Gym !

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Jamie’s Fit over 50 Before and After Photos:

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before and after fit over 50

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Jamie’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
“For the last many years, working out has been an important part of my life.
But like many, I would commit for a while, then slack off, then get back to it.
In 2017, my life was profoundly changed with the murder of my 17-year-old son Jake.
At the time of his death, I had gotten out of my workout routine. About a month or so after losing him, I realized I needed to get back to putting movement in my life if I was going to maintain any semblance of sanity.
To say it was (and some days still is!) a struggle to be consistent while dealing with the many challenges of child loss is an understatement.
I am a social worker and before losing Jake, much of my professional life included work around trauma and understanding its impact.
I understand the brain and body connection and how important a healthy lifestyle is to healing. But when you are in the midst of deep trauma and grief, it is so hard to consistently maintain a balance when every single thing feels out of your control! By the last part of 2019, I had fallen off course again with my physical health, as the last two months of the year are challenging for me with the holidays and Jake’s birthday.
And then 2020 came in with a bang when COVID struck.
COVID triggered a ton of my trauma responses and I was really struggling to maintain my mental wellness.
We were about a month in when I recommitted myself to working out, walking (I mean weren’t we all walking at that point due to COVID?) and to really start consistently working on mindfulness. In the meantime, I was bored out of my mind and love to cook…so I tried lots of new recipes and started enjoying ice cream a little too much. Despite my best efforts, the scale seemed to be going in the wrong direction!
And in January of 2021 I turned 50!
I could not believe that when I turned 50, I was also at the highest weight I had been since being pregnant.
It was about that time I kept seeing posts about Hitch Fit.
I kept thinking that I needed to do something like that.
I had worked with trainers off and on for the past few years, but nothing really stuck. However, I felt I needed that little extra push of accountability. So, one night in May, I finally got up the nerve to message Hitch Fit.
And the rest, as they say is history.
I have learned a ton in the last year about balanced eating, the importance of consistent cardio and regular strength training. But more importantly, I have learned that when I am really committed to taking care of my physical body, my brain feels a lot better as well.

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On days when I am really struggling with my trauma and grief, I know one thing I can control is how I take care of my physical health. This is a really big deal to me. When we feel as though we are losing control (as trauma survivors often feel) finding ways to take back control is so important. And a healthy lifestyle is one of those ways I choose to take back control today!
I loved the fact that it was one-on-one training in a small gym where everyone was working to achieve their individual goals.
If you are struggling to find a place that feels safe and supportive to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle, I strongly recommend you check out Hitch Fit and all they have to offer!”


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