Over 20 Pounds Lost at Hitch Fit Gym

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Parkville Coach Kevin Murray

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Over 20 pounds lost at Hitch Fit Gym. Greg was feeling a little lost and knew it was time to reach out for help to get his health and fitness on track! He reached out to Hitch Fit coach Kevin Murray and embraced the Hitch Fit lifestyle! He lost over 20 pounds during his time with Kevin, and gained motivation to pursue even more in every aspect of life!
Greg’s Before and After 20 Pound Weight Loss Photos:

lose over 20 pounds

before and after 20 pounds lost

over 20 pounds lost at hitch fit gym

lose 20 pounds of fat

Greg’s Story and Hitch Fit Review:
“For years, I wanted to get back in the gym and clean up my diet.
I would get in to it for a few days, maybe a week, then fizzle out. I was spinning my wheels.
I was going thru some personal things and a little lost. I noticed a friend that had retired from his career and pursued another all the while raising money for a few in need doing 50 and 100 mile races.
While I’m not a distance runner I did have the desire to get after it!
One day in late September while listening to a Tony Robbins audio book, Tony told me to stop the tape right now and just do it!
I pulled over and made the call to Kevin Murray at Hitch Fit.
I dove in with Kevin and started my transformation. I wasn’t looking to be Hercules but just feel and look like i saw in my mind.
Kevin, Diana, and Micah are absolutely amazing! If you are on the fence or need that extra nudge to better yourself I strongly recommend going in and talking to them. My life has been changed in many ways.
Mostly my diet, but the motivation to do better in all phases of my life. I always told myself that if you take care of yourself and be a good human, good things will happen.
Since that time I lost 21 pounds and over 9% body fat by eating clean and working my butt off.
In my life, my kiddo is doing awesome and I met the love of my life. Please put yourself first and take care of your mental, and physical health. Call Kevin at Hitch Fit and make a commitment to yourself for a better life. Thank you Kevin.
I wouldn’t be where I am without you!!!”

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