Doctor and Mother of FIVE Makes Time for Health

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Transformation Trainer Cindy Long

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Sarah’s journey took a long time because shortly after she began her first transformation with Hitch Fit Coach Cindy, she got pregnant!
She is now a mother of five and a busy ER doctor and still managed to make time for herself and her health.
No matter what life threw at her she kept her head held high and her goals in sight. She is a true example of not letting excuses and circumstances dictate life!
Sarah’s Before and After Hitch Fit Weight Loss Stats:
Beginning Weight: 144
End Weight: 121
Beginning Bodyfat% 36.14
End BF% 14.21
Beginning Waist: 33
End Waist: 28
Beginning Hips: 39.5
End Hips: 35.5

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Sarah’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

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20 pound weight loss before and after

mother of five 20 pound weight loss

doctor and mother of five makes time for health

Sarah’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

I am an ER doctor and mother of 5, and I cut my body fat in half with the help of Hitch Fit!

I walked into Hitch Fit believing I could pay someone to transform me.

I had to learn to honor the body I was loaned, the spaces I have occupied and the feeling I have felt.
In the beginning I couldn’t see over my own feet, but with small steps and gains have been able to find the horizon.
Circumstances cannot be avoided. Your power is found through great coaching and using life as your teacher!”

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