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Healthy Lifestyle Changes at Hitch Fit!

Transformation at Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park

by Transformer – Personal Trainer Alyssa Donnelson

After her mother’s type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Kim knew that she needed to get on track with Healthy Lifestyle Changes. She accomplished this at Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park, shedding 5% body fat and building lean muscle with personal trainer Alyssa Donnelson!
Healthy Lifestyle Changes at Hitch Fit Gym- Before and After Weight Loss
Overland Park Personal Training - Healthy Lifestyle Changes at Hitch Fit
Kim’s Story:
In June 2016, my mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
At 5’1’’ and 95 pounds, she didn’t exactly fit the stereotype of an overweight diabetic. Instead, she fit into what has been coined “skinny fat,” or appearing thin on the outside while hiding dangerous organ fat on the inside. My mom’s diagnosis was an extreme wake-up call not only for her, but for me. Though diet and lifestyle are key factors in determining whether you will develop type 2 diabetes, genetics also plays a role.
While I couldn’t control my genetics, I knew I could make smarter diet and lifestyle choices. That’s when I decided to move forward with Hitch Fit.

Setting Goals

My No. 1 goal with HitchFit training was to establish better exercise habits. My yoga practice had been slipping, and I needed something new to challenge me both mentally and physically.

Alyssa, my trainer, kept me on my toes during my twice-weekly workouts. She taught me how to work muscles I didn’t even know I had. She encouraged me to power on through pain, but also to listen to my body when I needed to take a break. It was that balance of encouragement and sympathy to my changing body that kept me inspired.
A few weeks into the program, the workouts felt a little easier. But I realized, in fact, that they weren’t easier — I was getting stronger.
Alyssa saw the strength I was gaining and pushed me to the next level with each workout.

Lifestyle Changes

Every week, I worked hard to get through more challenging workouts, but some weeks were better than others. That’s when I knew I needed to get my diet, sleep and hydration in check.

• If I stayed up too late the night before, I felt sluggish during my workout.
• If I struggled to drink enough water, I felt dizzy during my workout.
• If I didn’t time my meals correctly, I felt bloated during my workout.

Regular, honest check-ins with both Alyssa and myself helped me figure out how to adjust what — and when — I was fueling my body. Getting five meals a day into my schedule proved difficult, but as I progressed through the program, it became more natural to reach for my daytime snacks and thoughtfully prepared meals.

Meal prepping continues to be a work-in-progress for me, but going through this program has helped me better understand how portions, food types and timing contributes to how my body feels every single day. Prioritizing these lifestyle changes — regular exercise, quality sleep, lots of water and thoughtful meals — has helped me feel better even on days when I don’t do the hardest workout.

I’ve also learned that slipping on any of these — either by accident or by choice — means consequences for the progress I continue to make. And the slips do happen. But, I don’t let minor setbacks spiral my newfound habits. Instead, I take it one day at a time, one meal at a time and one workout at time. I get to make these smarter choices multiple times a day, and that’s the most empowering thing about living the Hitch Fit lifestyle!”
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