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Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Owner – Kansas City Personal Trainer – Diana Chaloux – LaCerte

Kansas City Weight Loss Personal Training – Success Story!

Kansas City Weight Loss Personal Training - Desiree lost the weight with Hitch Fit!

Kansas City Weight Loss Personal Training - Before and After of Mom and Business Owner

A note from Diana:

Today’s transformation is a special one. Desiree reached out to me, desperate for change and to finally achieve her fitness goals. This mom has gone through so much in her 36 years. She has been at 250 pounds 3 separate times. Her weight is something she has struggled with her entire life. The first day she came into the gym, she was hopeful, but uncertain. Her weight was at 178 pounds at that time, she just wanted to get to a place where she felt comfortable and confident. She wanted to wear a bikini with confidence. She wanted to see her abs for the first time in her life. She had tried so many things, and nothing seemed to work to get where she wanted to be. I took a look at where she was, and explained that we would be aiming for a little over 20 pound loss to get there. We would be aiming for a goal of about 153 – 154 pounds on scale, and I assured her it was possible if she was willing to follow the plan. She said, “I’ll do whatever you tell me.” She was ready.

Desiree is also a business owner. She’s a busy woman. But she was committed to the process. She was diligent and committed, and we started to see the scale come down and body fat start to reduce. She started to see changes in her body. Some days I’d have her do an exercise in front of the mirror so she could see what I did as far as new definition in her muscles. To see her face light up every time she saw a new muscle pop through was priceless.

In 16 week’s Desiree’s body had totally transformed. She nailed her goals, and got the bikini body that she was aiming for. She shared with me that one of her dreams was to take Bikini pictures on a truck that she could show her husband. Well, we got to do just that for her after pix! Even though it was pretty darn cold out in November, she got in that bikini and took those pictures she had dreamed of being confident enough to do. It was an amazing day. I’m so proud of this inspiring mom, so proud of her diligence and dedication, and so proud of her success!

Desiree’s Stats:

Starting weight at Hitch Fit: 178

Starting body fat: 26%

Ending weight: 154

Ending body fat: 16%

Best Kansas City Personal Training - Before and After Weight Loss of Desiree at Hitch Fit Gym

Kansas City Weight Loss - Before and After of Mom and Business Owner - 24 Pounds Lost

Kansas City Personal Training - Before and After Weight Loss - 24 Pounds Lost


Desiree’s Story:

“To me it sounds like the typical story..

I have weighed 250 lbs 3 times in my life.
The first time I lost weight with a “fad diet” but put it right back on. The second time I had hit the turning point in my life. I knew if I didn’t change my eating habits and lifestlye that it would kill me. So I started doing cardio everyday. Within 6 months I weighed 175. I stayed at this weight for years until I got pregnant with my beautiful daughter. Which put me right back at 250 pounds. It took me 6 months of cardio to lose the weight again back to 175.
At this time I had a lot of extra skin that hung from my body. I called a plastic surgeon and thought this is the way to “see the abs” that I feel under my skin. I went threw with lower body lift. And still after that I continued my cardio and still my abs never came. Trying every fat loss pill on the market. They still never came.
I have always watched people At the gym an thought wow how do they look like that. Muscle definition was my new goal. I didn’t care to “lose weight” because I had never been smaller than 175 since I was 13 years old. I did not believe it was possible. I told my husband that I wanted a trainer so he sent me to a football coach!! “Thanks babe” That did not work out AT ALL because the no-carb diet made me crash within two weeks. I have always known it had to be the way I eat. I ate healthy foods but would starve myself if I saw the scale get to 178. I decided that if I got a trainer I wanted it to be someone that looks like they work out. Not someone that is bigger than me telling me what I need to do. I wanted my trainer to “walk the walk”.
I searched diligently online for a female trainer. Even after the first time I met Diana. I was still skeptical. She told me to see my abs I would I have to weigh 154. I said ok but I can’t get to that. I have never weighed that.
Diana put together my nutrition plan. Again I thought NO WAY can I eat that much food in one day. I was used to drinking coffee all day to curb hunger and maybe eat once a day.
16 weeks later. Here I am! Goal weight met! I can see my abs! And I honestly can not believe that I look like this. For the first time in my life I got in a bikini and was proud! This has completely changed my life!
There were some days I would go into the gym and think I do not have time today. Or would be so stressed out from work that I could not even think. So busy running a business and being a mommy.
Diana made me relax every time I was around her. She helped build my strength mentally and physically. God put her in my life at the most needed time. She is such an inspiration to me as a business owner, a trainer, and in her faith! Diana, I hope you know how much your story has touched me & and how much your tools have changed my life. Thank you for everything I am so thankful to have met you! And to Micah…the first day I felt so Intimidated when you said you want to see your abs “start running”. I thought, “Great I can only jog 2 mins at a time. Now I can run 30-45 minutes straight and have been able to since the end of my second week of training. Blame it on the food, blame it on Micah’s words, blame it on NEVER GIVING UP!
Thank you HITCH FIT, you changed my life. “

Kansas City Weight Loss Plan - Mom Loses 24 Pounds and Gains Bikini Body

Kansas City Best Personal Trainer - Diana Chaloux - LaCerte of Hitch Fit


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