Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer (TRANSFORMER) Kurtis McLellan

“Healthy Eating Plan Makes the Difference for this 43 Year Old Mother of 2!”

Deon’s Stats:

Starting Weight- 135 lbs

Ending weight: 124

Starting Body Fat- 20%

Ending body fat – 14%

Deon before and after front

Deon before and after side

Deon before and after back

Deon’s Story:

Hitch Fit was a great experience!!! I needed a change in my workout to get me motivated again. I saw the Hitch Fit segment on Better KC and became intrigued. I met with Kurtis and began my 12 week transformation in January 2015. I am a 43 year old mother of 2 and have been dedicated in working out the past 25 years, but never thought eating healthy was as important. Kurtis within the first couple days had my meal plan and workouts ready for my transformation. I continued to go to the Y every morning at 5:30 to meet my workout friends and met with Kurtis twice a week. He kept me very motivated and held me accountable every Friday at weigh in. We always discussed my workouts and eating and made adjustments as needed. As a physical therapist I had never worked out with a trainer before. I was surprised at how much I learned in the 12 weeks.

1. I am not to old to lift heavy.

2. Eating healthy really does make a difference.

3. Having a trainer to push you really is motivating

4. There are a lot of different ways to mix up your lifting routine

5. Having workout friends is a huge bonus

It was a wonderful experience that I was able to benefit greatly from. My transformation was made easier with the constant encouragement from not only Kurtis, but all the trainers at Hitch Fit, along with my 5:30am gym friends and my family! Thanks Kurtis!”

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