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Gwen and baby

Gwen came to me 8 weeks after having her baby and signed up for a 12 week transformation.

Check out these amazing numbers in 90 days. For you mothers out there, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Gwen 30, 5’2″

Started at 137.8 lbs, 28.52% bodyfat, 34″ around belly button, 38 1/2″ Hips

Ended at 115.6 lbs, 15.31% bodyfat, 28 1/2 ” around belly button, 34 1/2 Hips

She lost 22lbs of fat, lost 5 1/2″ around belly button and lost 4 ” around hips

Most amazing part of this story is she is now smaller and in better shape then she was before having her baby.. LADIES IT CAN BE DONE

Gwen Front Final copy

My name is Gwen and I’m 31 years old. After trying for a year, we finally got pregnant!!! Before pregnancy I considered myself to be a pretty active person. In the beginning of my pregnancy I tried to stay active, but as time went on, I got more uncomfortable and stopped going to they gym all together. I pretty much ate what I wanted and therefore gained 46lbs!!! On my small 5’2” frame that was A LOT of weight! I had the baby in June 2009 and by August I was up and more motivated than ever to lose this baby weight and FAST!!! Micah actually came recommended to me by several of my friends. I had two good friends (Craig and Carol) go through Micah’s program and saw with my very own eyes their amazing transformations and I was totally inspired!!!

I was very nervous to start this program because I was still recovering from my emergency c-section and caring for a newborn, but knew that if there was ever a time for this it was now! So off I went!!! At the beginning, the diet was by far the hardest thing. I think it was more of a mental block than anything. I was always the one that said “I’ll never measure my food or count calories…I just don’t have that kind of time” But lo and behold that’s exactly what I did and I saw amazing results because of it! You have to change you mindset completely about food. You have to view this as a lifestyle change NOT A DIET!! I can’t stress that enough. Once you are finished with the 12 weeks with Micah, you aren’t finished. It’s actually the beginning of a new life for you! If you constantly view food as “I can’t have this or that” then you will fail. You are CHOOSING not to eat this or that. As for the workouts, you will work harder than ever before in the gym! Micah will push you harder than you could ever think you could go, but trust me you CAN do it and it will feel awesome!

Gwen final Back copy

For those out there (especially those new mothers) I’m here to say YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT!!! But you truly have to WANT it! This is not an easy transformation, but it’s soooo worth it! You definitely have to have the support from family and friends. Without the support of my wonderful husband, this probably wouldn’t have been possible. He helped me in more ways than I could ever explain. He stayed with the baby so I could hit the gym, he ate chicken, rice and veggies with me for 12 weeks, and always, always motivated me to do more!!! I am truly blessed to have such a supportive, loving husband! Thank you babe!

This experience has totally changed my life and not just physically. I have learned so much about myself, nutrition and true happiness. Micah does not come live with you, but gives you the information you will need to succeed. Micah does not to do this FOR you – YOU have to do it! You have to want to do it! But I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it. This isn’t a gimic weight loss program. It’s good old fashion work your butt off in the gym and eat right – plain and simple.

Micah and gwen


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