Kansas City, MO October 6, 2009 – Kansas City personal trainers Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux of Hitch Fit Gym are featured on the dueling male/female covers of the October/November 2009 issue of Kansas City Fitness Magazine.

The fitness duo recently opened the new Hitch Fit Personal Training studio, which is located at 3036 Gillham Rd. in KCMO.

Chaloux says “We were so excited at the unique opportunity to be featured on the Kansas City Fitness Magazine covers, our whole goal here in Kansas City is to aid as many people as possible in losing weight and developing a fit and healthy lifestyle, so to have the opportunity to reach people on this scale here in our hometown is an honor.”

LaCerte added, “The magazine is a great source of information for people here in KC to know what is going on in the community fitness wise, they share a lot of inspirational local weight loss success stories and a wide variety of information that will be helpful to anyone looking to get in better shape and make some positive life changes.”

The Kansas City Fitness Magazines are available citywide at a variety of locations including Price Chopper, Walmart, HyVee and Barnes and Noble. The magazine includes articles and interviews with both Chaloux and LaCerte, as well as fitness columns prepared by each. Chaloux shares her “Top Ten Tips for Looking Lean” while LaCerte shares “Secrets to Eliminating Stress”.

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