How to get back in shape after high risk pregnancy!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City Personal Trainer Amy Kerwin!

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Kristen’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:

BF: 33.78% to 22.54% (11.24% lost)

Bicep: 12.5 to 11
Waist: 34 to 30
Hips: 41 to 38.75
Total: 7.75 inches lost

Weight: 159 to 141 (18 lost)
Body Fat Weight: 53.7 to 31.87 (21.83 lost)

Kristen’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

lose weight after high risk pregnancy

before and after post pregnancy progress

how to lose weight after pregnancy

Kristen’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“I was just like hundreds of thousands of people that find themselves in their mid-thirties and wishing that the athletic, trim body that they once had would just magically appear! The mere thought of exercise made me cringe! I generally watched what I ate closely, so the custom eating plan was not a concern. It was the actual working out part that I dreaded.

After going through over two years of infertility and treatments, my husband and I were blessed with our miracle, a beautiful baby girl, Arianna. I had experienced a high-risk pregnancy due to a health issue that I have had for a number of years, which took an additional toll on my body. After adjusting to life as a mom, this once very athletic woman who played soccer, danced, did gymnastics and a host of other physical activities, was putting off what I knew would be good for me and the future of my health.

That is until I found out that my friend Amy was a trainer for Hitch Fit! Being a full-time mom along with working full-time as a Realtor, my concern was fitting the workouts into my busy schedule. Amy arranged her schedule to help meet that time that I could devote to the program by training me late in the evenings. Amy was wonderful at setting goals for me that I really felt I could meet. She was so supportive and pushed me when I needed to be pushed. She was the source of my most valuable support during the entire process, and she actually made the workouts fun! We shared so many laughs and funny moments along the way. I also got support from the other trainers, which I never expected! I feel so much better about myself and know that I can accomplish goals that I thought once were impossible.

I would honestly recommend Hitch Fit to anyone who wants to feel better, look better or is simply in need of working out in a great non-judgmental environment with the best trainers around. It truly works!”

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