10 Week Transformation
Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City Personal Trainer Nancy Choquette!
Jan was with us at Hitch Fit for just 10 short weeks before landing a great job opportunity in Washington D.C.! She was a light at the gym, and was dedicated. Even though her time was short, she made some amazing changes and gained strength for her new journey! Congratulations Jan!

10 Week Transformation Fit over 50

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Jan’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
Nancy and Hitch Fit, in 10 short weeks, made a huge difference in my physical and mental life!
I had lost some weight before I went to Hitch Fit, but I felt weak and out of shape. When I was matched with Nancy, I told her my goal was to gain physical strength; also, I felt that would be my first step to becoming stronger in other parts of my life. She listened to me. Really listened!! She was motivating and encouraging. She honed in on “where I was” every time I walked into the gym. She sensed my energy levels, and emotional state, and took those into consideration for each workout.
In 10 short weeks my life has changed dramatically! After living 59 years in Kansas City, I accepted a new, exciting job in Washington, D.C.! I have the physical and mental strength to do it!
Hitch Fit, thank you for being faith-based. Through God, all things are possible!
Nancy, thank you for believing in me, and helping me reach my goals (even though I missed the last 2 weeks)! You really helped make a positive difference in my life! You are the bestest!”
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