Gain Weight to Get Healthy

Delaney suffered through an eating disorder, and after getting the professional care she needed for her mind, she was able to gain the strength and weight to get to a healthy place with Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Jamie Eschrich!

Delaney’s Gain Weight to Get Healthy Stats:
30 pounds of healthy weight gained
Delaney’s Healthy Weight Gain Progress Pix:

Gain weight to get healthy

Delaney’s Hitch Fit Story:
“After 2 years of suffering with an eating disorder, and getting the proper professional help I needed, I was finally able to find the balance I have today. Jamie helped me realize what it actually takes to get fit and healthy. I can finally say I’m happier than I have ever been in years. I’m weight restored, and have an amazing relationship with both food and exercise.
My transformation isn’t a normal Hitch Fit transformation but one I know will resonate with a lot of young girls. These pictures show a transformation in my acceptance to gain weight and in the way I see fitness, food, and myself. Jamie believed in me when I didn’t and I wouldn’t be here if it were not for her.”

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