Gain Strength in 12 Weeks

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Personal Trainer Tara Ravenscroft

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Gain Strength in 12 Weeks – A note from Tara: When Ashley first came to me to discuss goals and what she wanted out of her transformation, I could tell that she was truly ready to make a change. She had so many responsibilities, being a wife, mother, and boss that she had let her fitness take a backseat for years. Her goal was not to lose weight, but lose body fat, get stronger and healthier. She followed the program and nutrition I gave her and never missed a day of our early morning 5am training sessions. She was only able to lift barely 5lbs dumbbells when she started and can now lift 30lb dumbbells! In 12 short weeks she accomplished her goal and has now made herself a priority to continue her health and fitness journey.

Ashley’s Transformation Stats:

Lost 4% body fat

Lost 2 inches on her abs

Lost 1 3/4 inches on her waist


Ashley’s Before and After Strength Building Photos:

gain strength in 12 weeks

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Ashley’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“When I conversed with friends and family about my decision to get a personal trainer the first thing I hear is, “why? You’re already skinny.” Yes, I am a small frame person, however, my goal was not to lose weight, but to gain muscle, tone, and change my eating habits.

I was my most happiest in high school and college when I was very fit. I enjoyed working out and had that runners high. I gradually lost it when I graduated college, got married, and began having children.

Over the years I’ve told myself I’m going to get back at it. Each day I always made an excuse on why I couldn’t and would push my start day to the following day. When covid hit and the world slowed down I asked my husband if I could start personal training.

My husband was 100% on board with me changing my lifestyle. I began research on personal trainers in the KC area and that’s when I came across Hitch Fit Gym. I read success stories and saw the amazing transformation their clients made and that’s when I chose Tara Ravenscroft to be my trainer.

In just 12 weeks I made leaps and bounds of gains with Tara. She is an expert in her field. Every session she had a new workout planned for me. She perfected my technique, and pushed me to new limits.

gain strength personal training in 12 weeks

What I enjoyed most about Tara is her personality. She is kind, funny, and down to earth. I felt no judgment and left feeling stronger, energized, and happy.

Although my 12 weeks of training has come to an end, my fitness journey will continue on. I feel confident to workout at the gym where I know how to properly use the machines, and will have a variety of workouts available to me. I am forever blessed that I was able to train with Tara.”

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Are you ready for your Hitch Fit Transformation with Tara Ravenscroft?

Contact her today at [email protected] Or call 816-753-8900 and request to train with Tara at one of the Hitch Fit Gym locations.