Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Downtown Trainer (Transformer) Ellie Gundelfinger!

Fitness Training in Kansas City at Hitch Fit Gym Changed This Mother of 3’s Life!

Kayron Front

Kayron Back

Kayron’s Story:

“I can honestly say Hitch Fit changed my life. 100%. I was pregnant with baby number #3 and fatter than ever. I was so unhappy with the way I looked. I quit looking at the scale at my weekly doctor visits. Even before I was pregnant, shopping was no longer fun for me. I gained weight the first year of marriage, throughout medical school, and during pregnancy with baby #2. Working 12 hour, 24 hour, and sometimes 30 hour shifts with free high calorie food most days at work did not help at all. Even so, I couldn’t let go of the few articles of clothing that I someday dreamed I could fit again that I just stuffed in the back of my closet. On Facebook, I watch the transformations of two of my friends who worked with Ellie, and I was amazed and very impressed with both of them. I decided that after I gave birth I was going to do the same. I was determined to not go back to work after baby # 3 not able to fit in my pants. I started with Ellie when the baby was 3 weeks old. I couldn’t jog for longer than a minute, and I couldn’t fit any pants other than a pair of XL exercise pants. With Ellie’s help and some hard work, I was able to return from maternity leave looking better than ever. I took some time off to finish up taking medical boards, and then I went back for more. I am now able to fit into all those clothes I had stuffed in the back of my closet and am even a size smaller. Ellie has given me the tools and training to continue my healthy living for a lifetime. I now run 5 miles frequently, and I can use all the machines at the gym without looking like a goof. I tell everyone I can about Hitch Fit because it has helped me become a new person. I cannot express my gratitude enough!”

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Contact ELLIE GUNDELFINGER at the Downtown Hitch Fit Gym

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OR call 816-753-8900 and request to train with Ellie

Hitch Fit Overland Park is located at 7431 W 91st St. Overland Park, KS 66212 – at 91st & Metcalf, next to Whole Foods Market

Hitch Fit Gym Downtown/Midtown Kansas City, MO location at 3036 Gillham Road. If you are closer to Overland Park location contact us at 816-753-8900 to be set up with one of the trainers there.