Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Downtown Trainer (Transformer) Lesley Denny !

Beth learns How to Lose Weight With a Busy Schedule!

A Note From Lesley:
I first met Beth because she had purchased a Groupon. We sat down to discuss some goals and I found out she was a resident @ Children’s Mercy and she has a very busy and always changing work schedule. I also learned that she is married and has a 3 yr old son so not only was she super busy with work but busy as a mom and wife also. She was already in great shape but she had a previous injury and wanted to get back into lifting some weights and gain a bit of strength while losing some body fat. We had a limited amount of time before her schedule got even busier in May so we set out a goal to work hard in the time we had and she did just that! I had a lot of fun training her because she is a good athlete and I could really push and challenge her and she always accepted the challenge! I kept trying to talk her into competing because she has the perfect look for a bikini girl but i know her schedule won’t allow her to do so just yet…maybe someday! She is a GREAT example of setting priorities and being able to have a healthy fit lifestyle and taking care of yourself while taking care of your family which I think is extremely important. Well done Beth, super proud of you!
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Beth’s Testimony:
“I’m not sure I was interested in a transformation when I contacted Lesley. I just wanted to gain back some strength, lose a little body fat, and get back into some weight training, which I’ve always enjoyed. Even with decent weight equipment at home, I had struggled to set aside the time and was too drained at the end of a long work day to come up with my own workouts that were challenging enough to be worthwhile. I met with Lesley twice to check things out and really enjoyed her encouraging attitude and her honesty when she found out that I was trying to squeeze several hours of exercise into my hectic work and family schedule each week. After two sessions with Lesley, a discussion with my amazingly supportive husband, and some serious work on my calendar I decided to commit to 8 weeks of training. Lesley was awesome about accommodating my ridiculous schedule. She would come early to meet me after I got done with overnight shifts and then switch to an afternoon session when my schedule would change two days later. She took note of an old back injury I had and modified or cut out exercises that I had said were bothersome in the past. She always asked me how my nutrition was going but never made me feel bad if I said things had been rough that week. She was great at coming up with new, challenging workouts during every session, and I could actually get onboard with the nutrition guidelines she gave me since I had decided beforehand that I was not going to spend eight weeks drinking weird chemicals and eating 1200 calories a day. I have definitely noticed lots of positive changes on the outside, but as a physician I am most happy with how much stronger I have felt, how much more energy I have (even after a 70 hour work week!), and how much my HDL (good cholesterol) had increased when I had it checked at the end of my 8 weeks with Lesley. Thanks Lesley and the whole Hitch Fit team for a great experience!”

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