Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Downtown Trainer (Transformer) Joel Salter!

FIT over 50!! This inspiring Hitch Fit client shed over 40 pounds of fat at age 57!! WOW!
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Cat’s Story:
I’m 57, a wife, mother and grandmother of 7. I have always battled my weight, up and down, but I either don’t stick with it or as usual I’ll be doing real good and then a kink gets thrown into the wheel, I fall off and it takes a long time to get back to it, sometimes way too long! We run our own business, plus I have horses that I ride and/or work with 5 days a week, & spend time with my grandkids. My excuse was..I don’t have time! Yes, I do, I have to MAKE the time. I ALWAYS had an excuse, too busy, this going on, that going on, I’m tired etc. Weight wise I was always a yoyo! I have known I need to get in shape and be healthy but I kept putting it off, even when my knees & hips hurt, shoot, I even said that my horses were going to go swayback if I didn’t get with it! Besides seeing pictures of myself and trying to pick out clothes, one of the clinchers was when my 5 yr old (at the time) grandson asked me “Gamma, why is your butt so big?” Out of the mouth of babes, WOW if that wasn’t an eye opener! It still took me 5 months before finally starting on my weight loss/health journey.
My daughter, Rachel Rucker, did Hitch Fit with Joel; she looks awesome and kept telling me I should do it. Excuses, excuses. She purchased my 1st two sessions as a trial. She spent her money and I couldn’t let her down. I started with Joel on Monday July 21st 2014, using the sessions she bought me. I have continued 3 days a week at 6AM without fail, might have had to miss a handful of times but always made them up. Joel has been great, pushing me (I need that!), supporting me and encouraging me even when I wanted to wimp out! ( and there were many times I wanted to!) As of January 18th, I’ve lost 41.1 lbs. and dropped my body fat 21.8 % , a little over half of my body fat! I feel so much better, my knees & hips no longer hurt and I feel so much more confident in all aspects of my life… NOW I really need to focus on maintaining and I’ll be truthful, that is what scares me, but, with the training & tools acquired from Joel, I CAN & WILL DO THIS. Joel even had me pick up a 40lb. weight, that is a lot of extra weight I was carrying around on a 5”3” body…I now have a 40# weight sitting in my living room, I see it everyday and pick it up…I don’t want to go back there! I always gave updates of progress to Rachel and my Daughter-in-law, Megan, all those clapping hands, great job Mom, keep it up Mom…I needed that! I also know that I can always be accountable to Joel, continue to go once a week or every other week to keep in check.
When I got home from doing my after photos, I was so happy and excited, I hugged my husband, cried and said “I never want to go back to where I was.” He has been so supportive of me, he would even eat what I did, for the most part anyway. Sometimes I would fix 2 meals, his and mine. If we went out to dinner he would always ask what/where could I eat? I finally told him anywhere, I’ve learned to make healthy choices.
Thank you Rachel for pushing me to my first couple of sessions (and listening to me whine!) and THANK YOU Joel for everything, for not giving up on me, for pushing me and for the encouragement! My goal now is to be fit for life! I want to be around a long time for my husband, kids and grandkids!”

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