Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer (Transformer) Stephanie Daratony!

Drop a Dress Size…or TWO at Hitch Fit Gym like Amanda did!

A note from Stephanie:

“My girl Amanda has come so far in her transformation journey, and this is only the beginning. Amanda’s transformation began a couple years ago, and I am so glad I got to be apart of her journey. She decided to make the lifestyle change about three years ago when she became more aware of her nutrition – on her own she was able to put off 60lbs. Amanda then came to Hitch Fit so determined to continue to push herself in the gym and learn more about balanced nutrition. Together, she was able to put off over 20lbs throughout her 12 week journey with Hitch Fit and she is not stopping there! Amanda is now the leanest she has ever been and the healthiest she has ever felt. Her story is such an inspiration to everyone around her.

Amanda came into Hitch Fit 12 weeks ago absolutely on FIRE to transform. Her good friend has just completed her own transformation and so Amanda had high expectations for herself. Every week she went above and beyond to hit her personal goals. Not only has Amanda accomplished her goal of being at her lowest weight she’s ever been – she has even surpassed her own expectations by out working her “goal outfits” TWICE!! Amanda came in saying she bought this orange shirt that was her “goal shirt” to fit into. 6 weeks into her transformation she had accomplished just that. She then went out and bought another goal outfit, that again she accomplished at WEEK 8! Her final transformation ended her in her third goal outfit!
Amandas ability to go to school, work a job, AND focus on her health was so impressive. She made it priority to get her workouts in and still work hard at her other tasks at hand. This girl has so much passion and curiosity for fitness, health, and I am so excited to watch her continue to strive to be a better version of herself.
Amanda has gone down TWO ladies sizes in only 3 months – from size 10/12 to size 6. Amanda’s drive is evident and I was so honored to be apart of her weight loss journey.”
Amanda back

Amanda’s Stats:

23.6 lbs Fat Loss

9 Inches down

Down 10% body fat

Amanda’s Story:

“All throughout my life I had struggled with my weight, and when I was 22 before I left to study abroad I decided that enough was enough. I didn’t want to be a size 18/20 in all of my photos that I would be taking, and I didn’t want to stand out as the “typical fat American.” I taught myself how to pair exercise with healthier eating, and over time I ended up losing over 60 pounds! I was so excited about the new me that I never looked back. I continued to stay active and eat healthy, leaving behind my old ways of eating fast food multiple times per day, consuming way too much sugar, and my general sedentary lifestyle.

All of who I was then feels like a completely different person than who I am today. Although I was a lot smaller than I was three years ago, I still wasn’t happy with how I looked so I decided to do something crazy and do a 12 week transformation. I felt like I was stuck in limbo for too long- smaller than I started but I still had unfinished business. Now I feel like a brand new person- again! I never thought I would say that I was a size 6 since starting out as an 18/20 a few years ago, and I even find myself doing double takes in the mirror. I have learned so much from my time with Stephanie and Hitch Fit, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m so thankful to have found such a wonderful trainer to help keep me motivated, and I can’t wait to see how much more I will change using what I know now!”

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