Healthy and Strong at 53

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Parkville Personal Trainer Cindy Long

strong and fit at 53

When Elisha began her Hitch Fit journey, she had a very sedentary job and wanted to learn how to live healthier and stronger and make her well-being a priority in her life.

When she began training with Hitch Fit Coach Cindy, she was using 8 pound weights, by the time she was finished, she was using the 20’s!

Elisha’s Fit at 53 Weight Loss Stats:
Starting Weight: 129
End Weight: 121.5
Starting BF% 27.14
End BF% 20.43
Beginning Waist: 32.5″
End Waist: 28″
Beginning Hips: 37
End Hips: 35

fit and fabulous at 53

strong and confident over 50

Elisha’s Hitch Fit Story and Review:

“A Midwestern girl at heart I lived in the South for 17 years where I became acclimated to warm weather and being able to engage in outdoor activities year round.

I moved back to KC in 2019 and the seasonal changes coupled with the Covid Pandemic along with excessive hours working from home led me down the path of an increasing sedentary lifestyle.

Due to Covid our daughter’s wedding celebration was postponed from April 2020 until the end of 2021 and I knew my Mom’s Dress “fitted” in 2019 was not going to zip!

Even with use of a treadmill at home it was not enough and I needed some place to go and to be held accountable.

I am not a fan of fitness centers and a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook of her experience at Hitch Fit and working with Cindy Long.

I never forgot the post and I called and met with Cindy and immediately started my transformation in October 2021.

Hitch Fit was where I needed to be!

I committed myself to 6 months going twice a week at 7:00am before work.

I met my first goal of getting into my Mom’s Dress for wedding photos 2 months later in December 2021 integrating strength training back into my life.

“Being Strong” was my ultimate goal! Being “fit” for me in my fifties is truly different from what it meant to me in my younger years.

I am truly focused on my “full self” having balance mentally, spiritually and physically.

It is never too late to gain muscle strength, a solid core and cardio fitness and Cindy helped me to recognize this.

Thank you Cindy and Hitch Fit family for the positive experience and supporting me in a non-judgemental and safe space.

It feels good to be Strong Again……Strong at 53. Hitch Fit family for life!”

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