Do You Need Supplements?

Below is the Facebook Live Video of our recent chat with Magnum Nutraceuticals President Markus Kaulius who came to visit Kansas City.

Many people want to know if they need supplements, and if so, which supplements to take. Hitch Fit doesn’t take supplement recommendations lightly. It took 3 years of research, questioning, and product testing for us to partner with Magnum Nutraceuticals (based in Canada). We believe that the MOST important keys to transformation are proper nutrition and training. That is the foundation. There is no supplement that will do the work for you! Supplementation is just that, supplemental. That being said, there are supplements that are beneficial to not just the transformation process, but also for maintenance and general living.

Why Magnum? We discuss this in the video below, but in a nutshell, because we believe in the quality of the product, and we trust the integrity of the brand. And it’s not just a blind belief, or believing because someone told us that their product was high quality. We took the time to independently test Magnum products to see if what was on the label was actually what was in the bottle. Why would that be an issue? Well, unfortunately, the supplement industry is a shady one. Three years of really delving into the behind the scenes of this industry left us feeling very discouraged and frustrated. In the US, there is no FDA regulation of supplements. Many supplement manufacturers take advantage of this. Many supplements say one thing on the label and there isn’t a trace of what’s on the label in the bottle. If there is any of it in the bottle, it may not be even half of what it says on the label. Many companies are using very low quality product to make a very high profit margin. Some companies are using really disgusting things in their products (like human hair, bugs etc.) because they are cheap and will show up as protein. Still other companies are using fillers in their products, things that are very low in cost so that they can make a high profit margin. We disagree with all of these practices.

We were close to teaming up with other companies on a couple of instances. Companies that touted the quality of their product, told us how high quality it was etc. When we let these companies know that we were going to independently test, suddenly the tables turned. Suddenly they said they “couldn’t trust us” if we were sending their product in. Well, guess what, the results came back as expected, it was complete junk protein, loaded with fillers. We of course ran as fast as we could away from any relationship with dishonest companies that lack so greatly in integrity!

When we told Markus Kaulius of Magnum that we were sending his product in for testing, he responded with a big YES! He encouraged us to do so, and to let him know our findings. We were not surprised at the outcome of the tests. Knowing Markus for nearly a decade, and seeing how painstakingly he has chosen to grow the Magnum brand, without shortcuts, we knew in our hearts that the results would come back showing the quality of the product, and that’s exactly what happened.

What is Magnum Nutraceuticals? Magnum Nutraceuticals is based in Canada. All Magnum products are pharmaceutical grade, meaning high enough quality to be in a doctor’s office. In order to claim the pharmaceutical grade title, all supplement ingredients have to pass through what would be the Canadian equivalent to the FDA. They provide a wide variety of products including a pharmaceutical grade whey protein isolate, multi vitamin, greens, BCAA’s, glutamine and many more. The Magnum website is Hitch Fit clients and referrals receive a GREAT discount on Magnum Nutraceuticals.

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Hitch Fit has product stacks which are already discounted for purchasing together.

The Basic Starter Stack consists of 3 supplements:

Magnum Quattro Protein Powder, Primer Multi Vitamin, Performance Greens. All of these items are pharmaceutical grade.

The Weight Loss Stack consists of the 5 basic supplements:

Magnum Quattro Protein Powder, Primer Multi Vitamin, Performance Greens, G – Glutamine, Hi5 – BCAA’s. All of these items are pharmaceutical grade.

The Muscle Builder Stack consists of 5 supplements:

Magnum Quattro Protein Powder, Primer Multi Vitamin, G – Glutamine, Hi5 – BCAA’s, Limitless Pre-workout. All of these items are pharmaceutical grade.

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Do You Need Supplements? Q&A with Markus Kaulius of Magnum Nutraceuticals