Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Training – TRANSFORMER Deron Gamble

90 Day Eating and Exercise Plan from Hitch Fit helps this client get GREAT Results!
Will’s Stats:
Starting weight: 159
Ending weight: 153
Starting Body Fat: 10%
After 12 Weeks Body Fat: 4.7%
90 Day Eating and Exercise Plan from Hitch Fit Gym

90 Day Eating and Exercise Plan from Hitch Fit Helps This Client Shed body fat and gain muscle!

 Before and After Side Image after 90 Day Eating and exercise challenge

Before and After Side image after 90 day Eating and Exercise challenge from Hitch Fit gym

Build muscle and lose body fat in 90 days

Build muscle and lose body fat in 90 days


Will’s Story:

“My wife and I decided to do Hitch Fit together with Deron. We wanted to get in better shape and liked the idea of a 12 week structured program we could do together. We both saw impressive results and would highly recommend Deron and Hitch Fit to anyone looking to get in the best shape of their lives.

A little about my personal experience:

The first thing Deron did was take me through orientation. He asked what I wanted out of the 12 weeks and outlined an eating and exercise program to achieve it. He assured me that if I stuck to the plan, the results would follow. He was right!

For the next 12 weeks, Deron and I would train together on a regular basis and measure my weight + body fat. Not only could I feel the difference every week with my clothes fitting different and my abs starting to show but also see quantifiable results in my decreasing weight and body fat. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing results.

A few of the things I appreciated about Deron as a trainer

  • He’s a good listener – he asked what I wanted upfront and helped me achieve it.
  • He knows his craft – he helped me improve my form and taught me several new workouts
  • He’s motivating – he provided the right amount of encouragement while pushing me to achieve more than I thought possible.
  • He’s easy going – he never came across as overbearing and would make our training sessions something I’d look forward to.
  • He cares – he checked in throughout the week to see how things were going and always made time to answer my many questions

A few of the things I appreciated about Hitch Fit

  • A 12 week program – knowing the duration upfront allowed me to fully commit
  • Accountability – knowing I would be measuring weight and body fat gave me a reason to stick to the program when I didn’t feel like a workout or craving some pizza
  • Simplicity – if you follow the eating and workout plan the results will follow as evidenced by all of the other testimonials

I’m proud to have completed the Hitch Fit program, impressed by the results and thankful to Deron for guiding me along my transformation journey!”


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