Weight Loss in Kansas City! Jason Transforms his life at Hitch Fit Gym.

Weight Loss in Kansas City at Hitch Fit Gym

Male Weight Loss in Kansas City - before and after

Weight Loss in Kansas City at Hitch Fit Gym


Jason’s Story:

If I had to wrap up Hitch Fit in 3 words, I would say “Complete Life Makeover”. Hitch Fit has changed not only my physical appearance but also how I view myself on the inside. I am only 22 years old and being able to gut through such a polar opposite lifestyle of a normal college kid has taught myself a lot about who I am and what I’m capable of. I have proven to myself that I can honestly reach goals that others and even I think are impossible by applying myself, positive thinking, persistence, and a supportive group around me.

My journey started in the summer of 2009 when two of my friends, Ryan Wall and Zach Freeman, finally talked me into lifting weights with them at 24 Hour Fitness late at night. I was a 245 pound 19 year old that has never lifted a weight in his life. I was tired of being the “fat guy” in my group of friends and told myself I was going to make a change. As time went on, the gym became my passion, addiction, drug; whatever you want to call it. I was putting in hard work at the gym but still feeding my body the same old junk, minus fewer stops at fast food joints.

My self transformation hit a plateau that I just wasn’t educated enough on to conquer. I had dropped from 245 pounds in August of 2009 down to about 180-185 pounds in March of 2012. About that same time, I noticed that AJ had just joined the Hitch Fit Team and I knew there were my answers to my problems. There was no doubt in my mind that with my trainers knowledge combined with my desire and work ethic that I would be able to get a body I could be proud of. As I received the diet plan way back 16 weeks ago I was completely overwhelmed. My first thought was “Holy crap. That is a lot of eggs.” The initial question I asked was if this is what I had to eat every day and yes, yes it was. Sticking to the diet was always the main emphasis. There is no worse feeling than going in for a check in with my trainer and being asked how the diet has been and you having to confess saying you had some ice cream or pizza. So I learned that if I don’t cheat, there is nothing to admit. Everything started clicking when I got the diet down. I was starting to see the results!

The 16 weeks had a lot of ups and downs. The beginning was great, a lot of new found confidence and motivation by seeing some changes in my body fat and muscle definition. The last month was definitely where the grit and the grind got the roughest. I would keep asking myself what is the purpose of this and have self conversations trying to talk myself into giving up. I am very thankful for AJ, my friends, family, and coworkers who helped me stay on the path and gave me the boost I needed and words of encouragement during the depths of the transformation.

The number 1 thing I will take out of this entire experience is the knowledge; the knowledge of nutrition, work ethic, and the will for success. The biggest change wasn’t my physical appearance; it was my self confidence and self-respect .This is not the end of my fitness journey. I have already set out a new sheet of goals for me to start checking off 1 by 1. I am grateful for the opportunity of transforming myself into the best version of me with Hitch Fit and my trainer especially!




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