It is hard to believe how much Meir transformed in just 16-weeks! He focused hard on training while learning proper nutrition and blasted through every goal he set. I am proud to have been able to share this journey with him and watch him change in such a short amount of time. He is the perfect example of what can happen when you set your mind to something! Big things coming from Meir as he continues to shed more fat on his own! I am excited and honored to share his story with everyone…..



“I always liked martial arts and trained on and off since young age. 3 years ago I actually start taking it more seriously, I started Brazilian ju jitsu and then Muay Thai also know as Thai boxing. At the time I weighed about 200lbs, my eating habits was as bad as it can be based on fast food. I trained and gained weight and didn’t know how to change things in order to lose weight.

I heard of Hitch Fit when I start looking online for weight lose programs and contacted Diana to hear more info about the program. Then I decided to go for it. I was skeptical and wasn’t sure what to expect. By the time I started, I weighed 223 lbs definitely the most weight I ever weighed, and I’m a small guy.. only 5’5.
I met Sara who was assigned to be my trainer. I felt very comfortable with her since the first moment. We set my goal to lose 30 lbs in 4 months. I can say during this time she taught me a lot about how to train, how to eat healthy but most of all she believed in me more then I believed in myself. She pushed me to train hard and she ignore my complaining, which I’m a big complainer. It paid off… I lost 42 lbs in 4 months and reduce my body fat from 33% to 23% and that was beyond my expectations. Couldn’t be more happy with the results and I’m thankful that I had this experience with her and Hitch Fit . This is the first step for a healthier life.”