Mrs. Eco Earth Missouri 2018 – Donna – Marie Fields

Donna lost 20 pounds and won Mrs. Eco Earth Missouri 2018!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer Amy Gipson!

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A note from Hitch Fit Transformation Coach Amy Gipson:

“I am so excited to release Donna’s story. She came to me in January, 2017 and she told me she wanted to change her skinny-fat look into solid shape. She also said to me that she wanted to look better so she would feel more confident about herself. Little did I know that this pretty little lady would not only accomplish these goals and lose 20 lbs, but a year later would be crowned your 2018 Mrs. Eco Earth Missouri. Donna has been so dedicated to every single goal of hers. She has grown so much since I have first met her that I know she will continue to progress physically, mentally and most of all do big things as Mrs. Eco Earth. Congratulations Donna! I am so proud of your hard work and love your sincerity and positivity!”

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Donna’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:

Starting weight: 150 lbs

Ending weight: 130 lbs

Starting body fat: 31%

Ending body fat: 17%

Donna’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

pageant weight loss plan

pageant 20 pound weight loss

mrs eco earth missouri before and after

Donna’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“I am 43 yes old, Donna-Marie Fields, I live in Lee’s summit, MO and I am a full time Esthetician in Overland Park, KS.

I would say the hardest parts of preparing for this competition for me are:

-not being able to eat pizza, ice cream, cake

-missing Taco Tuesday

-but most of all really finding the time and energy to get the workouts in my already busy schedule.

My husband was my biggest support system as well as, my obstacle in the road. He was the angel on one shoulder but, the devil on the other because he eats my meals with me and goes to the gym with me, but he also orders pizza.

Mondays are my meal prepping day. Typically, I do my workout in the morning and meal prep in the afternoon. I always have workout clothes in the car because I never know when I will get a chance to workout…

I love working out with Amy G. I love that she pushes me, but also knows when to lower my weights. I also love working out at Hitch Fit. It is a friendly environment, not intimidating at all and super supportive.

I needed Amy G. in my life to get me in shape for the Mrs Kansas United States pageant, Mrs Missouri America pageant, and the Mrs. Eco Earth pageant. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the Mrs. Kansas United States pageant, but I did receive the Mrs. Congeniality award and best evening gown award. Nor did I win Mrs. Missouri but I did get the swimsuit award and again best evening gown award. Little did I know, that months later I would be the crowned Mrs. Eco Earth Missouri 2018!

Honestly, I look and feel the best I have in years. I still work out with Amy G. Because we have Mrs. Eco Earth United States in February in Vegas.

I would always tell myself, I want it so I have to go get it… the body and the crown…it is not going to just find its way to me.

I am 43 and I feel that it is never too old to start new things, where there’s life, there’s hope and a chance to fill all you desire!”

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