Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park TRANSFORMER (Trainer) Amy Gipson!

Mom of TRIPLETS & Busy Executive Gets in Amazing Shape!

She lost 18 lbs and 8% Body Fat at Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park!

Lori mallory in dress

A note from Amy:

Please meet an amazing woman, friend, mother and business executive, Lori Mallory! She came to me initially just to show support to Hitch Fit, but during her transformation she realized how everyone, including herself, can use a transformation.

In fact, as you will see in her before photos, Lori wouldn’t even let me take photos of her in a sports bra but after her transformation she had no problem showing off her huge accomplishments. And she made HUGE accomplishments. Every week her waist, thighs and arms kept getting smaller and smaller. I knew Lori was putting in the work and it sure showed!

I must also say, Lori was one of the most goal driven clients I have had the opportunity to work with. She set a goal for herself, trusted me to help her meet that goal and then she actually met that goal. She did all of this while extensively traveling for business during her transformation and she continued to stay on track with her plan. I am so proud of this beautiful woman and so blessed to have met such an amazing, caring, smart, wonderful friend! Congratulations Lori!!!

Lori’s Stats:

Starting weight: 140.4 lbs

Ending weight: 122 lbs

Starting body fat: 24.38 %

Ending body fat: 16.38 %

Lori M. before and after front

Lori m. Before and after side

Lori M. before and after back

Lori’s Story:

On January 1, 2015 I unexpectantly signed up for the HitchFit Transformation program. I went to the gym on New Year’s day largely to show support to my friend Diana Chaloux’s (LaCerte) business and in hopes of improving my strength training and body fat percentage which was at 24%. I might throw in here that I did hire a personal trainer last year, there was no focused program like Hitch Fit and I now understand how important that is! It’s the whole package not just exercise, not just eating right-

I have to laugh because I thought the following three things:

1.) I was in good shape- I did after all complete at least 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week and had done a couple of sprint triathalons in the past two years. I weighed 136 pounds if you asked me- I knew this was higher than the weight I’d love to be at, 129, but I figured at age 46 (then and now 47)- that I was doing pretty good. The Hitch Fit scale had me at 140 and although has a reputation for showing 5 pounds over, I was shocked.

2.) That I ate good at least 85% of the time. That was what was proved to be the post preposterous thought that I had.

3.) I was not a candidate for a transformation- I hadn’t even thought of that.

Diana recommended I meet with Amy because of a cultural fit- We are both strong Christians and high energy. Diana was right, Amy was amazing! She didn’t even act like my eating habits were ridiculous when I shared with her an average week. (Mexican on Wed nights, Big First Watch breakfast after church on Sundays, a few sweets a week… you know, no calories in any of that… That’s the 15%, right?)

Fast Forward 10 weeks- (13 is my lucky number so Amy and I had set my initial goal for 17% body fat at March 13…which was at approx week 10). I truly was absolutely thrilled when I achieved just under that at 16.38%- I was also down 13 pounds. (I didn’t expect to lose weight)- Like a kid going to Disneyland, I was downright giddy.

There were three big takeaways I didn’t expect:

1.) Weight and body fat creeps up on you and you can live in false thinking that is damaging to your health, both short and long term. If you have ever picked up a 10 pound bag of potatoes and then another 5 pound one, that is a lot of weight- That is what I all in lost and I can’t imagine carrying around that load and the relative impact on your heart, etc.

2.) There are two key components: Discipline and Diet. I am a disciplined person so that wasn’t a problem, but it is a higher level of discipline. There are no excuses- Despite traveling the country and being the mom of three high school boys, and active in my career and community, if you want to make a change, you can but it requires focus and being in the gym when everyone else may be doing something fun. (Sorry Amy, I still don’t think it’s fun- I do look forward to it- but not fun)- DIET is the BIG one in this category. I am a health care executive and highly educated compared to the average American, however, I had no idea that many of my choices were so bad. It was not hard at all to conquer this, and a bit of a challenge so I found that fun.

3.) I didn’t expect to have a new life long friend. Amy has been an absolute joy- She is encouraging, kind and only on a few Sundays in March like a Jillian level kick your ass trainer (That is a joke.)- Seriously, this made the journey not only fun but rewarding. Lesson here is to find a trainer that you really have a great fit with!

Overall, I am a huge fan! I am healthier and want to continue on this journey! I feel it was life changing and that is VERY COOL!

Lori and Amy


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