Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Downtown TRANSFORMER (Personal Trainer) Brian Nixon!

Jeanette’s Fitness Goals were Surpassed during her transformation at Hitch Fit Gym!
Jeanette’s stats:

Starting Weight: 125.8 lbs

Ending Weight: 117.2 lbs

Starting Body Fat: 19.78%

Ending Body Fat: 15.80%

Jeanette before and after front

Jeanette before and after back

Jeanette’s Story:

My journey began with the simple goal of getting in shape for an upcoming vacation. What I didn’t know was how much more I would gain from the experience.

The HitchFit program had popped up on my radar a number of times in the year leading up to my transformation. Initially it was when I asked a friend how she got into bodybuilding and if she had any recommendations. Later it was the numerous times I saw the local news stations feature the amazing transformations of their own news anchors and other Kansas Citians. There was a little voice in the back of my mind that kept prompting me to go but I never did. Somehow I thought if I kept doing what I had always done, I would eventually see different results. This is the definition of insanity. But thankfully one day I decided to go for it. At the time HitchFit had a special on Groupon for two sessions with a personal trainer. I decided if anything I could try out two sessions and hope for the best. What did I really have to lose besides $20, nothing. Looking back it is kind of funny because I never buy Groupons but something just was pushing me to make the change. Little did I know this small step would lead to so much more.

The first time I step into Hitch Fit (downtown), I was immediately welcomed and put at ease by all the trainers. At this consultative appointment I met with Brian Nixon and his beautiful wife, Alex. Both were so excited to have me there. Even though I had bought the Groupon and was physically present, I still was not completely mentally invested. We discussed my goals, my limitations and what mindset I was coming from. Brian also did the initial pinching and measurements. This is when the importance of the process hit me, I knew I had gained weight but I wasn’t truly aware of just how much I had put on in the past few years. I was what the industry calls Skinny Fat, which means I appear skinny on the outside but my body was internally unhealthy and flabby. By the end of our meeting, I committed to complete the 12 week transformation and be beach body ready for my upcoming summer vacation.

Before I go any further I think is fair to explain where I was coming from when I began the process. Growing up I had always been of smaller stature and very active. Unfortunately, I, like many young girls and women was influenced by negative images of women needing to be a certain size. I was already small so you would think I would have embraced my size and not worried about getting smaller but instead I had an intense fear of gaining weight or wearing a larger size. My first memory of thinking negatively about my body was when I was about 13 years old and my mom, who is also petite, mentioned that she didn’t weigh over 100lbs until became pregnant at 29. At 13, I was already over 100lbs and in my naive mind I saw this as a sign my body spiraling out of control. Looking back this was an inane thought to have.

Years later when I went away to college I was overly mindful of gaining the freshman fifteen and tried diligently to avoid gaining any weight. My concern became an unhealthy obsession where I would go out of my way to skip meals. These habits snowballed resulting in severe negative body image issues. Just to give some perspective I weighed the same at 21 as I did at 13, 103lbs. This was a point of pride but emotionally I was in a lot of pain and honestly really hungry. After an intervention, some intense counseling and support I was able to confront my warped perceptions. Over the next couple years, I was able to move past the need to restrict my food intake and began to put on weight.

So remember the freshmen fifteen I was so worried about, well nobody warned me about the after college weight. The weight I began to put on when I started my professional career was from late night meals and after work drinks. At the time, I was working long, inconsistent hours where you ate whatever you could grab on the go. As I put on the weight, I convinced myself that it was ok even if it wasn’t done in the healthiest matter. I was fearful that if I became concerned with my weight I would regress back into my old, unhealthy habits. In the four years after graduating college I put on 25 pounds. I had gone from one extreme to the other but still wasn’t happy with the reflection in the mirror. All this time, I would yoyo in and out of fitness programs. I had tried everything under the sun to get fit – spin classes, weight lifting classes, cardio, etc. but nothing seemed to work.

Now it is so clear to me why I wasn’t seeing results. Our bodies are complex machines that need fueled with the proper nutrition, proper rest and challenged with dynamic movements. In the consultation meeting with Brian, I remember nearly falling out of my chair when he said I would be eating 1,500 calories a day, over six meals. This seemed like an insane feat but in hindsight I think it’s insane I wasn’t eating that much before. My multiple meals became a bit of a talking point at work and we dubbed them my first breakfast/second breakfast and my first lunch/second lunch, I was becoming a hobbit. Now days if I miss a meal or am delayed in eating, I become hangry and no a Snickers bar won’t fix the problem.

The exercises for me were straight forward and just required commitment. I would always tell myself that I did five more reps or one more mile that the results would show. If it meant that I would run before work and then lift in the evenings, I was going to do anything in my power to make the change happen. Now the meal plan was a struggle but progressively got better. Initially I was going full force but wasn’t following the directions as precise as I should have. Who knew that 29g of avocado is equal to about ¼ of a whole avocado? I thought I could estimate my foods but found that once I became more disciplined the results came quickly. Brian was incredibly patient with my relentless questions. He didn’t just say follow the meal plan but went so much further by teaching me about macros and how different foods interact with our bodies. One thing I didn’t expect from this experience was the way my body would react to various foods. In this age of information, it is widely known that GMOs and processed foods wreak havoc on our bodies but when you eat this food day in and day out it is easy to not notice the effects. After just a few weeks of eating clean I found that when I did cheat I would get really sick. My body would feel awful. The stamina I once had in the gym was nonexistent. And worst of all it would take a couple days for me to get back to normal. It was like having a terrible hangover but not from one too many drinks. Those in my personal life didn’t understand this experience but I challenge anyone to eat clean for a month and then have a cheat meal, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The worst case scenario of buying the Groupon and joining HitchFit was being out $20 right? Well I lost so much more!! I lost the feeling of my clothes fitting uncomfortably snug. I lost feeling lethargic and miserable. I lost the need to suck in my stomach or hide under clothes. But best of all is I lost the negative voice in my head who was unhappy with the reflection in the mirror! For the first time in my life I felt free in my own skin. By the end of my journey I was resolved in that this was not the end to a short term change but rather the beginning of the rest of my life. For the first time ever in my life I love the body I am in. In addition to gaining a new love for the body I have, I also gained a supportive and motivating family in Brian, Alex and the rest of the Hitch Fit team. The gratitude I feel for Brian and all the time, coaching and encouragement he shared with me cannot be put into words. He has provided me the best foundation for developing a better me and all I can say is THANK YOU!!

Note from Transformer Brian Nixon – “Working with Jeanette was an amazing experience. She is one of those people that just has tons of energy and always has a smile on her face even when giving 100% in the gym. Jeanette would push herself really hard to make sure she was giving her all and I remember always having to remind her to take breaks, because she would just want to keep moving. Jeanette has already been inspiring people through social media with the changes she has made in her appearance, her diet, and her lifestyle. If you want to witness a girl who truly took on her Transformation challenge, look no further, as you can see by the photos Jeanette gave her all and the results speak for themselves. As far as a client goes, she was a fireball in the gym and 100% dedicated to the plan I provided for her. In fact, she has been so passionate about her new lifestyle that she is planning on stepping on stage, and I can’t wait to witness that day. Thank you Jeanette for being such an incredible client and friend, you are forever family with us at Hitch Fit.”

Jeanette and Brian


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