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Kansas City Woman Gets in Bikini Shape with Personal Trainer Ellie Gundelfinger!

A note from Ellie:

“Let me introduce you to a beautiful women that I was fortunate to work with!! There is so much I could say about this girl. She came to me and wanted to make some changes in her life. She had been an athlete her whole life, so had always been “in shape”. Once her softballs days ended she learned the valuable lesson that our bodies don’t always bounce back like they did when we were 18. lol. She handled this entire process with such class and determination. Always coming to her early morning sessions with a smile on her face! I can honestly say that every single check in we had was successful! No bumps in the road or set backs, just a straight shot to her goal! There were dance parties, life talks and lots of Miranda Lambert talk! Besides the fact that she is ridiculously gorgeous, she has a heart of gold! I have a feeling that this girl is going to do some amazing things in life!! Im so proud of you Whitney! You are an amazing women, both inside and out! I’m excited to see what the world has in store for you!”

Whitney 1

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Whitney and Ellie


Whitney’s Story:

“When you’re an athlete your entire life you don’t give much thought to exercising and eating healthy. It’s just what you do. Food is fuel that you consume while going from one practice, to another game, to a try-out, then back home to bed until you do it all over again the following day. You don’t think twice about that cheeseburger or ice cream, you just enjoy it and magically don’t gain an ounce. Or so was my life, up until the past couple of years. Once my collegiate softball career was over, working out was the last thing I wanted to do. In my world workouts were tough, sometimes even punishment. When my friends would dress cute, grab a water bottle and ask if I wanted to go to the rec center for fun, I’d laugh and say no thanks. I was finally free. I could do what I wanted without the obligation of a daily workout, practice, lesson, game, etc. It was great, until slowly the weight crept up. I figured I could lose it quick and whenever I was ready. For a couple of years I causally would hit the gym for a week or so then fall back into an exercise-less routine. “I’m too busy. I’m burnt out. I don’t feel like it today.” All seemed plausible excuses. Finally, a few years and a hefty 40 pounds later, I realized I wasn’t myself anymore. I looked in the mirror at a girl lacking confidence and trying to hide underneath oversized outfits. I couldn’t believe that I had become one of those people. I never thought I would let myself get like this. I’d think, “This can’t happen to me! I’m an athlete!” But it had, slowly, but surely. I was just another overweight mid-20’s gal trying to avoid tight jeans. So, I figured that I had two options, I could cry and pity myself and continue to hide behind baggy clothes, or I could change. I thought back to the days I did Title Boxing. Previous to a four-wheeler accident, I had really enjoyed Title. Now, I have never been a morning person, but for some reason there was a Title trainer that would not only make me want to get in there, but at 6am nonetheless. She was a cute, spunky, fun, but tough girl named Ellie. I remember jokingly asking her after my first class, “do I look like you yet?” For some reason, she always made me want to work hard and not disappoint her. Ellie is one of those people that you think are good to be true. “There’s no way she’s that pretty AND nice. She’s funny too?! AND so encouraging and motivating?! What’s the catch…” I never did find that catch, so now, here I was facing my new weight-loss challenge, and I knew who to reach out to. I messaged Ellie on Facebook and asked her what she was doing at this Hitch Fit Gym I had seen posts about. Her positivity and enthusiasm hooked me into meeting her for my first session. She was still that same person that I had remembered. I again found myself wanting to work hard for her, to show her that old athlete inside of me. We set goals that seemed within reach (except that she told me I had to give up beer and nachos!), and mapped out exactly how I would get there. I never felt confused or lost, I just trusted in Ellie and went for it. Once you’re at Hitch Fit, you realize why so many people have come and gone raving about it. All of the trainers, not just your own personal one, really motivate, encourage, and care about you and your fitness. It becomes like a second family. Soon enough, 16 weeks flown by and I’m filled with such a bittersweet feeling. I have now finished my Hitch Fit transformation, and am sad thinking that I will no longer be spending mornings there, but am so happy with my outcome and to have had the experience. I know that I am a better person on the inside and out because of my journey, and I also know that there is no other person that could have held my hand, yet pushed me during this process. Ellie really has been such a blessing to me, not just for my physical health, but mental too. I am incredibly thankful and proud to call her not only my trainer, but my good friend as well. I will forever be in debt to all of the Hitch Fit family for helping me find that inner athlete once more, gaining my confidence back, and becoming myself again.”


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