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Kansas City Personal Training Client Sheds 14% Body Fat at Hitch Fit Transformation Gym!

“Kirk is a MACHINE….from day 1, he was able to keep up with INTENSE workouts with his stamiina..but when I changed his diet and his routine, the days began to get better and better. With all the challenges that were thrown at him with workouts, work and family life, he was able to accomplish them..I’m very proud of Kirk and his accomplishments and he’s really came a long way and he’s not stopping and neither should you!” – James


Kirk front before

Kirk side before and after

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Kirk’s Story:

“Over the holidays of 2009 I just felt gross. December brought the endless stream of parties and gatherings where I ate and drank almost every night. I just felt blah. What’s worse is that I was working out almost every single day. After losing almost 50 lbs more than 15 years ago, I had long learned the importance of working out and watching what I ate, but in spite of that, I still needed help. I knew I wasn’t being efficient with my workouts and I knew I wasn’t pushing myself. In short, I was spending a lot of time in the gym, but not seeing results. My friend Brent had been training at Hitch Fit and had seen tremendous results. I knew I wanted the same results, but my life was stressful; a new job at work coupled with dealing with my Dad having terminal cancer was my excuse all through 2009, as to why now was not the time to embark upon a disciplined training effort. “I will wait until things settle down,” I told myself. I didn’t want to have my Dad’s death happen in the middle of my program and possibly de-rail me from results. Bottom line: it was all an easy excuse as to NOT start the program.

After feeling so gross after the holidays and realizing I needed help being efficient with my time at the gym, I simply decided I had to stop waiting. Over the holidays, I realized my Dad was getting worse, and that I needed to be smarter about how I was spending my time at the gym and watching what I was eating so I called Hitch Fit and had an overwhelmingly energetic phone call with James. From our first session, James made it clear that I motivation was not my problem – I was in the gym enough and wanted the results, I just needed to be intentional and smart about the work I was doing. He immediately praised my choice to stop drinking for the month of January – alcohol is just empty calories and slows down your metabolism – thus making your efforts at the gym even more difficult. He quickly set me up on a food program and helped me make smart choices – more meals, but smaller and portion controlled. James found out what my goals where – which were to get leaner and more defined. During our workouts, James pushed me, but in a fun entertaining way. We trained two mornings a week at 6am and more often than not, we were the only ones at Hitch Fit – so James could shout, cheer, scream “Get IT!”, dance (yes, I said dance) and all to tunes spun by DJ James – it creates a fun, positive environment. James also gave me direction on my cardio – I was doing it every day, but wasn’t pushing myself. He got me on a program where I was doing cardio FEWER days a week, but with more intensity. Anyone who can teach me how to do less of something, but have better results in the end is a HERO in my book. I also think the accountability of weighing and measuring every two weeks helped drive my results – knowing you’re going to have that fat measured in three days, really helps you pass up that glass of wine! At first, I saw results quickly – 5% body fat the first month! What I learned is the leaner you get, the harder it is to keep up those results – James helped me from getting discouraged when I saw those results slow down to a more moderate pace, while at the same time he kept pushing me. James is great during our training sessions – he uses the time to find out about you – as a person – so that he can better help you focus on your goals. He takes time to find out about your career, your family, your friends and by doing that not only helps figure out how to keep you driven and make the right choices, but also builds trust and friendship.

About 12 weeks into our 16 week program, I was getting up at 5am for my 6am session with James and got a call from my Mom that my Dad had fallen and they were taking him to the ER. He had been declining rapidly and we knew the end would be near. His hospice nurse thought he would die within a week. I talked to James and we agreed I would take a week off from training as I would be helping take care of my Dad at home. My Dad died peacefully after only two nights and with family being in town for the funeral, I only missed one week of training. That week I was off, I pretty much ate what I wanted but didn’t go crazy. I had a good time with my family and enjoyed several glasses of wine. Through all this James was not only a great trainer and coach, but a great friend. Through the course of our 16 weeks together, as we got to know each other, he was a great listener about what was going on with my family – something he could relate to from losing his Dad years ago. He really helped keep me focused on not letting this get in the way of my results. It was almost healing – I couldn’t control a lot of what was going on in my life – but I could control this – I was in charge of my results and it gave me something to feel good about and proud of during a hard time.

After returning, I knew I had to kick-it because I only had a few more weeks left for those after-photos! James helped kick my butt and I found that the goal and focus of finishing this program were part of what I needed to do to keep moving on. I learned, it’s ok if something happens, even if you have to take a week off, but get BACK in the saddle and don’t let that be your excuse why you stop – just increase the intensity to make up for it.

James has great energy, gets you positively focused and helps you realize you CAN do this. I never dreamed I could get this lean. I started at 163 and am now at 145 – my body fat dropped 14%. I’m thrilled with my results – but next up – look for my 6pack abs! GET ‘it!”



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