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Kansas City Woman Gets in Amazing Bikini Model Shape at Hitch Fit!

Candace gained four pounds of lean muscle, shed body fat and landed 3rd place at the WBFF Kansas City!!

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Candace’s Story:

I’m honestly not really sure where to begin. This transformation has changed my life. I’m not only physically stronger but mentally and emotionally as well. I made the decision to take ahold of my life and put myself first and make my health a high priority after speaking with my friend Brandi. Almost everyone knows the amazing transformation that she went through and her positive words helped me make a very important step. My son was diagnosed with the rarest form of Epilespy known to physicians when he was just 10 days old. I witnessed his first seizure when he was only 2 days old and from then on my life was a blur. My son would have seizures all through the day and all through the night to the point where I was afraid of going to sleep. He was becoming more and more developmentally delayed so instead of taking the time to eating properly or sleep, I would either drive him to therapy sessions or make him do therapy at home with me. I was up all the time so therefore living on a diet of caffeine. Drinking all the caffeine and not sleeping decreased my hunger and some days I wouldn’t eat because I was just so worried and stressed. I dropped down to a dangerously low weight of around 90 pounds. Besides my weight dropping and my health deteriorating, my relationship with my new husband was suffering and I could barely take care of our other child. I talked to Brandi and at that time she was training to compete with The WBFF in May 2011. The training and discipline needed really interested me. I recognized I needed a change in my life and that I couldn’t continue down the path I was headed. I needed a plan to get both myself and my health back on track so I could be a good mother, wife, and run our household while taking care of my son’s special needs.

I tried to put some weight back on by myself and when it wasn’t entirely successful, I found James. I told him my goals and what I wanted to do which was to compete. He informed me I needed to gain 20 lbs and then we could lean out for The WBFF show in May 2012. 20 lbs? Yeah right;) The most I’ve ever weighed in my life was 140lbs and that was 9 months pregnant with my first baby! No way I could put 20 lbs on in the time frame he gave me. But James gave me a bulking diet, a workout plan, and sure enough I got up to 123 lbs and about 16% bodyfat. I was so proud and really liked being curvy and weighing more! I had more energy, felt amazing, and I was slowly but surely falling in love with weight lifting. I was not allowed to do a single bit of cardio during my entire bulking phase or competition prep phase because it was so easy for me to lose weight. Many people think thats a gift but I disagree. It is very hard for me to gain weight, therefore hard for me to build muscle which was my goal to compete. I only lifted heavy weight and was at the gym 5 days a week. After bulking, my diet changed and I began prepping for the actual competition. My goal was 9% bodyfat with some muscle gain and I was proud to reach my goal! I went out there on stage and did my best and ended up placing Third in the Diva Fitness short category!!

This was an amazing experience for me and because of my transformation, my entire life and all of my future goals have changed. I am currently training in order to compete once again in Oklahoma, with The WBFF in November 2012. I will go through another bulking phase and hope to make some improvements in my physique and step on stage again reaching my goals!! I will continue to compete from now on at least one time a year. Being a fitness competitior is about living a life filled with discipline, self motivation, and always improving yourself mentally and physically. My life has also been completely revamped in terms of nutrition and health. I love fitness, I love weight lifting, and I love eating clean. Finding new recipes that incorporate healthy ingredients is so fun and challenging! I love experimenting with new foods and recipes in the kitchen. I’m happy to make myself a priority which in turn helps me be a better mother, wife, and person. I hope to inspire others, especially mothers (and mothers with children with special needs) because its so easy to put yourself on the back burner and make excuses to not take care of yourself because of your children or job or other responsibilities. If you make yourself and your health a priority, you will find the time to make the right choices for yourself. I would love to transform other people’s lives as well as their bodies in the future and pass on the positive life lessons and changes that I have gone through by becoming a personal trainer someday very soon. My goal is also to always work on improving myself as a person and improving my physique. There are always positive changes that can be made.

I’m very thankful for my wonderful friend and trainer James Hanton who has helped transform me into something better. Without his support and the love of my children and my husband, this all wouldn’t have been possible! I would also like to thank Micah, Diana, and everyone at HitchFit for their positive words of encouragement and support.”



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