Andrew dropped 22lbs of fat and lost 8.4% bodyfat

Hi my name is Andrew Dyerson and this is my story. Many of you know that I made a decision to make a change in my health-less lifestyle. After beers upon beers, shots upon shots, night upon night, and year upon year, I have made many “health-less lifestyle” choices. I write this only maybe to help inspire someone else to make a change, grow as a person, and learn to love themselves. Alcohol, parties, late nights/early mornings, 3 am meals, and a lifestyle traveling as fast as a rumor.

This was Andrew Dyerson spout on…What causes people to fall into a rhythm of bad choices and dead end roads? The longer people wait to make a change, the harder it is to make them because we all know that as we get older we tend to become even more set in our ways whether they are good or bad. My life has changed so much for the better and wish that others can experience the same positive lifestyle adaptions. Here goes the story, the change, the new beginning to a new me, and new life!

Micah, most know him here on myspace as Hitch, is the person who inspired me to make a change in my lifestyle for one with positive oulook, hard work, strong will, and determination. I read Micahs story about how he has ended up where he is today and realized that we shared some of the same types of characteristic values. He too had led a life of hardships, fast times, and overcoming lifes challenges. I began training with Micah on Aug. 8th, 2007. 5’11”, 225lbs, really just a sad, round, warn down, beaten, broken, tired soul…all at the age of 27. I was depressed with life and how things in my life were going. I had the exterior of a positive, fun, lovable, big, soft hearted guy with 2 successful businesses steadily growing. But inside was lost, searching, struggling to keep the exterior looking together and normal. I put my businesses, my past relationships, my friendships, alcohol, late nights and everyone else ahead of myself. The problem with that is everything you do will eventually catch up to you. One can only live a lifestyle of partying, booze, and fast paced entertainment for so long. You tend to surround yourself with people that aren’t there for your best interest. Living life purely by the moment and not for the future.

None of this was easy. I got my ass worked so hard it felt like I was going to die. Literally my heart was pumping so hard my first workout I could feel the pulse in my balls…Talk about going balls to the wall haha!

So I train with Micah 3 times a week and let me tell you I have never experienced exercise, fitness, and healthy living like this before. I have worked out since I was 15 and nothing, NOTHING compares to training with this guy. Think you can handle it, give him a try. He will push and push, make you dig down, strain, and get better every time you come into the gym. I felt sorta bad for the first weeks for him because our entire conversation consisted of me repeating the same 5 things…”Holy s..t”, “That’s bad”, “God damn”, “Wow”, which seemed to be my favorite to use. So coming up here in the next week will be our last 3 sessions for the 1st half of my transformation. Thanksgiving is the 1/2 way point with the goals set on competing in a bodybuilding show at the end of my transformation (crossed-fingers, still have LOTS OF WORK TO DO).

The aesthetics about my transformation are great of course but there is so much more to it. There is nothing like walking into a room and having people notice that you take care of yourself and really just that you feel good about yourself. But most importantly is the lesson I have learned inside, about who I really am as a man. When it comes to being happy, healthy, and loving yourself…you are the only person who can make it happen. You can have people help you along the way but you have to be the one to want to change, make the change, and continue the positive drive.

I am truely forever indebted to Micah not only as my trainer but a friend. Someone who showed me the door to a healthy, happy lifestyle, opened it, and allowed me to step through it to the other side of life. Not only do I look great naked 😉 but I feel like a completely different person. I have finally learned who I really am inside. I’m confortable with who I am and it was through positive drive, hard work, desire, determination, and care that I took the steps to become a better me. This is not the last you have heard of Andrew Dyerson…BIG THINGS TO COME!”

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