Kansas City man sheds 27 pounds and improves health with Hitch Fit!

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Michael shed 27 pounds and improved his health with Hitch Fit!

Michael Lintecum before and after front

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Michael’s Story:

“ARE YOU READY?!” was the greeting question to me as I walked into the gym to meet my Hitch Fit trainer for the first time. Clearly, I did not understand at that time all of what his question would encompass in the coming days and weeks of my “transformation.” I came in late August, just a few weeks after a disturbing annual medical physical and a stern warning from my doctor to “get it together!” High blood pressure, high cloistral, 30 pounds overweight, too much beer, and no physical exercise for years was pretty much taking a toll on me. Knowing that only I could change the direction my life and body was taking me, I made the call HitchFit. From early September to early January, I did as my trainer told me: six small meals per day, three work outs in the gym per week with him, no drinking (which I cheated on sometimes) and no dairy. Oh yes, and he ordered me to start walking daily and when I was just getting used to that he then ordered me to start jogging! Did I like any of it? No. Did I like the results? ABSOLUTELY! I returned to my doctor’s office in mid-January and to say the least, he was blown away! I was 27 pounds lighter; my body fat had been cut from 27% bf to 13.8%; my waist had shrunk from 44 inches to 35 inches; my neck size had been 17 and now is a 15 and my blood pressure is now a perfect 120/70. I also got rid of all my Extra Large shirts & sweaters and now sport Mediums! I haven’t done that since high school!
So, to answer the first question to me, I guess I really was ready….I was ready to feel better, ready to eat better, ready to look better and most of all ready to feel good about my myself. It took hard work and it wasn’t always exciting to follow this journey to transformation. But my trainer’s confidence in me, even when I didn’t have it, along with his encouragement gave me the direction I needed. Hitch Fit gave me a path to follow for a healthier life. And now, I ask you…..ARE YOU READY?


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