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Definitive moments. Those moments that stand out from the rest; that leave us with a decision to either step forward or remain in place. Definitive moments big or small can change our lives forever… if we are ready to acknowledge them.

The defining moment that directed me to Hitch Fit was when I found myself struggling for the 100th time to come up with an excuse of why I could not join friends at a local water park this past summer. Ironically the invite came from one of my best friends who happened to be the one coaching me throughout my transformation. I realized that week alone I had avoided three other social gatherings with the deep rooted cause of how I felt about myself. I was in a low place. It was never just about how I looked, it was how I felt wearing my own skin, the energy I lacked, and the direction my life was going. I wanted a new portrait/new hobbies, something that depicted my grown values – determination, dedication, endurance, happiness, pride and health. I was in the middle of the grocery store when this defining moment hit me in the face. I would make no more excuses. I eliminated the idea of “waiting until Monday to start” or practically starving myself thinking it would get me positive results. It was in that moment when I was surrounded by fog that I found clarity.

I reached out to Mica, after declining her water park invite, begging for help and without hesitation she set me up with a trial session. Since I had decided I was no longer in the market for excuses I went. Almost as quickly as Mica had offered her help I made the commitment to the transformation process. I sent her a message two days following my first session that read “I feel like my life is about to change forever.” It did.

Nutrition was a shocking aspect for me. Looking back I had no idea how off I was with my “smart-choices.” I always had issues with food control, from phases of skipping meals to eating with no restraint This transformation taught me critical information on food. It even transformed my reading selection to include fitness books, and healthy cooking blogs. I always had the mindset that there had to be a quick and easy way to become fit. When you hear that nutrition is 80% of a healthy lifestyle, it should not be taken lightly.

I wouldn’t say I am the most patient person I know… That being said it’s now clear how there are so many organizations that are trained to market to people like me and they loved me for it. I was a fad follower, looking for that shortcut to make me to look good in a month because that is when I had ‘XYZ’ event or somebody’s wedding. They knew my trigger points– easy and fast weight loss pills, NEW SECRET diet plans or foods, fast fat-loss plans… the picture is clear. So I have definitely tested the waters, but in all sincerity I have found there really is nothing like Hitch Fit. The program taught me how my body will react to certain foods, how lifting weights will not make me “man-like” buff and how with patience and discipline I will find fulfillment in being able to psychically see my body change as a result of my own conscious actions. The first time Mica introduced the plan to me I admit I was hesitant but she asked that I trust her. Everything was laid out in such detail that I knew failure would only occur in the presence of intentional self-destruction. I was in no place to question the plan since I was the one sitting there unhappy after many failed attempts. I made a promise to trust in Mica and I am so glad I did. My numbers continually dropped week after week by working hard and executing the plan. Week after week I felt stronger. Still today with each step I take I feel physically stronger and each letter I type now I feel mentally stronger. I finally started to feel in control of my life.

Support system is a huge key to success with changes like this. Quickly into my transformation I realized how much of an impact it had on my life. The transformation changed my mindset of how I wanted to spend my free time, and occasionally I found some people to have a harder time understanding what this lifestyle change meant for me. To stay disciplined and keep myself accountable I had to take myself out of certain scenes. By doing this I began to find myself exploring new hobbies, and eventually had the pleasure of watching my friends start to explore with me.

I learned that this process was not a “diet” it is a lifestyle change. It’s not just a goal to run 3 times a week, or just counting calories for a designated time-frame. It’s a combination of many components like this in addition to self-growth, and daily personal decisions that contribute to healthy lifestyles; things like breaking bad habits, finding happiness triggers, stress maintenance, etc. I honestly would not have had the success I did without Mica consistently making her presence known. Her passion was unmatched to anyone else I had ever worked with and I could genuinely feel that she wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted it. I leveraged her knowledge and her lifestyle as much as I could in order to structure my own.

Not only did I gain the opportunity to go shopping for new sizes, I gained self-confidence, valuable knowledge, respect and PASSION for the fitness community. I gained a sense of accountability and consistency. I gained the ability to share my knowledge with friends and family. I gained pride in deciding who I want to be and gratefulness for those cheering me on along the way. I gained a lifestyle that I will always work to practice.


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