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My journey that would lead me to Diana Chaloux actually began in December 2007. I had just graduated nursing school and was looking toward getting my 2nd degree Black Belt. I felt unstoppable, like every goal I set for myself could be achieved. I am a very goal driven person, who likes to make lists and cross things off, but there was one goal on my list I just couldn’t get crossed off… weight. When I stepped on the scale after nursing school, I weighed 205 lb, I felt defeated. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I was the weight I said I would NEVER be.

“I thought I felt great because I had so many supportive people in my life that were patting me on the back and making me feel like super woman, but deep down, I was tired, anxious and sick of having heart burn. So, I set a new goal of losing 50 lbs and threw myself into training for my next black belt. I lost 20lb, got my 2nd degree black belt and quickly gained back 10lb. For the rest of 2008 and the first 4 months of 2009, my weight sat at 195lb. I was so frustrated. I was not used to setting goals for myself and not reaching them. I sat down one day to make a new list of goals. What did I really want for myself? And then it hit me. The reason I reach my goals is because there is always a reward waiting for me when I get there: the graduation ceremony after nursing school, the black belt test after training for years. Sure, being healthier and fitting into cuter clothes is a great reward, but at the time I couldn’t remember what that felt like. I needed something bigger. A figure competition! I had thought of competing in Figure before and had read all the transformation stories on, but I didn’t know where to start. I just had to quit talking about it and go for it! I finally committed to two (2) new goals. 1. Compete in a Figure Competition in April 2010 and 2. Be in the best shape of my life for my 3rd degree black belt test in June 2010. With my goals now crystal clear, I got busy. I knew I needed help from a pro so I did a search for personal trainers in Kansas City, Missouri and the first name on the list was Diana Chaloux. I contacted her through email and we had our face to face within that week. I was nervous. I was the most nervous about this goal than any other because it was so personal. What if I didn’t do it? What if I couldn’t get there? How embarrassed would I be if I FAILED? The first day I met Diana, was the first day of my transformation both inside and out. I let her know what my goals were and she let me know what it was going to take for me to achieve them. I left that first meeting feeling so energized. Diana is a ball of uplifting energy. Her happiness is contagious. May 4, 2009 was my first official workout with Diana. It was brutal, but in an exhilarating way! Even though I was overweight, I still thought I was in pretty good shape because of karate and yoga, but boy was I in for a rude awakening. She kicked my butt all over that gym for an entire hour and yet when it was over I was thanking her. She also gave my diet a total over haul. To this day my diet is still what I struggle with most, but knowing that I have Diana to answer to on Monday mornings, makes my choices on the weekend a little bit easier! My life has changed since that first day. Diana continues to push me to my limits and somehow she knows those better than I do! She encourages me to work harder and to make the right choices. She lives her life as an example to all her clients. She walks the walk. When I whine and complain, she listens and then says 5 MORE! Diana moved to Kansas City only 6 months before I found her on I feel like she is in my life on purpose and that this is my year to change my life! I am still working toward my goals and feel so proud and honored knowing that Diana is committed to seeing it through to the end with me.”


Stacy ended up going on to pursue her dream of competing in a Figure competition!

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