Get Back in Shape after Injury!

Joe got back in great shape with Hitch Fit after recovering from an injury!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Transformer – Kansas City Personal Trainer Michael Davis (Mike D)

get back in shape after injury

Joe’s Before and After Transformation Photos:

male transformation kansas city

post injury transformation

get back muscle

Joe’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
“Third times the charm! Well, so was the first and second time with Hitch Fit. Yes, this has been my third stint with Hitch Fit. Why? Because it’s a system that I know and trust. Though, my third time around is a little different than my previous experiences with Hitch Fit. Most recently, I suffered an injury that prevented me from working out for quite a few months. Soon thereafter, I spent some time in physical therapy to restore the injury I inflicted upon myself. After I was given the clearance to work out again, I immediately walked thru the doors at Hitch Fit.
This time around, I needed a trainer to not only bring me back to a fit and healthy state, but I needed someone who can cater their training around my injury. My previous and successful experiences with Hitch Fit were to obtain a certain level of fitness, however, this time around I had similar goals but with the caveat of working with an injury.
Thanks to Mike’s skilled training, I not only learned how to work out with an injury but he helped me surpass my original fitness goal. Hitch Fit’s trainers are there to support, guide and provide you with a foundation that will take you beyond their own doors. I can’t thank Mike and Hitch Fit enough for providing me the guidance I needed to achieve my goals. Now that my injury is behind me and my confidence is back, I’m going continue moving forward, set new goals, and rely on the training Mike Davis and Hitch Fit has provided me.”

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