Amy did amazing . In 4 months She lost over 20 lbs of Fat, Dropped almost 14% bodyfat and Transformed her Life. Look at this Abs!!!




I was a gymnast for 13 years and a University of Missouri co-ed cheerleader, so being small and fit was the name of the game for my chosen activities. The first few years out of college, I was able to keep up a good workout routine and didn’t have any trouble staying in shape. Eventually, the working lifestyle took over more and more, and I found myself with a lot less time to work out and a lot less energy to work out with. I also developed allergies and asthma, so my cardio became more challenging than it had in the past. I ended up finding excuses to take a few weeks off here, and a few weeks off there. When I got back to working out each time (usually on a MondayJ), I had gained a pound or two, and never seemed to be able to lose it again from there. When I finally I got back to working out on a regular basis, I struggled to lose more than a couple of pounds. I’d look in the mirror, and even though I didn’t think I was fat, my body was way off from what I had grown used to, and I just didn’t feel like myself. I had been thinking about getting a trainer for a while, but for whatever reason, had never followed through. Then I saw Lindsay Presko’s Hitch Fit Transformation pictures



, and all I remembered thinking was, ‘Man do I want to look like that!’ I emailed her to find out the details and ended up scheduling a consult with Josh Sehorn that same week.


Needless to say that when I first met Josh and he told to me that I was ‘skinny fat’, I was less than thrilled. He explained to me how the workouts would go and that he would be giving me a diet if I decided to commit. First of all, I don’t like many veggies, which means diets aren’t really my thing, so I was a little concerned already, but then he dropped the ‘no drinking’ bomb. At that point, as a girl who likes a glass of wine or two with dinner, or any occasion for that matter, I seriously considered leaving. Luckily I decided to give it a go, and I haven’t regretted the decision for a minute!


We originally decided that I would do 3 months, but as the weight started to drop, my expectations for myself started to grow and I wanted to surpass my original goals. After the first couple of weeks following the diet Josh made for me (which were tough!), it started to get much, much easier. I also began to realize what a carb-loader I had been in the past and how following my new balanced diet was giving me a ton of energy! I used to be exhausted after lunch and not sleep well at night, but now I was starting to have energy after lunch and sleep through most of the night, which is rare for me. I’ve been done with Hitch Fit for 3 weeks now, and after the first weekend of eating like I used to, I felt awful and was actually excited to put myself back on my diet! Better yet, it doesn’t even feel like a diet anymore! And the most surprising thing to me…giving up alcohol was actually the easiest part (not that this is a permanent change, of course)…who’d have thought itJ.


When I first told my mom that I was doing Hitch Fit, she told me, ‘You’re thirty now, you can expect to look like you did as a teenager’. Well it turns out that my final weight after Hitch Fit was 108.5 lbs., and my driver’s license information from when I was 16 years old has me at 105 lbs. That being said, for all the women out there, you know we never put our REAL weight on our license and my actual weight at the time was 112 lbs.J. Guess I just had to prove my mom wrong!


I can’t forget to say thanks to Josh for helping me get back to where I want to be! He was great throughout the entire process and there’s no way I could have done it without him. He was able to read me right away and knew just what buttons to push to get me going and how to get me to give that little bit extra when I would have stopped on my own. I’m finally comfortable with my body again and I owe it all to him!!! I’m gonna miss you, Josh!!!


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