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Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City Personal Trainer Nancy Choquette!

Shannon shed 20 pounds of fat and 4.5 inches off her hips and waist during her time with Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Nancy Choquette!

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Shannon’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“My name is Shannon Dean and I am currently 47 years old. I share with you my age because it plays a role as to how and why I found Hitch Fit and became interested in the program. In April of this year, I was planning a surprise 50th birthday party for my sister and the party theme was “Fifty and Fabulous”. I knew turning 50 was on the near horizon for me so I began wondering to myself what it means to be “Fifty and Fabulous”. For me, it meant to be healthier and stronger than I am today. When I am healthy and strong, everything else just falls into place. When I am healthy, I just feel good all over. I have more energy and I have the desire to be active and run the races that I used to run. When I am strong, then I look good, and have more muscle tone, and feel confident. I desired all of this again because I had been there several years before. However, I felt stuck; I didn’t have a plan.

One month later in May, after my sister’s 50th birthday party, we celebrated with her in Gulf Shores, Alabama. As I was sitting on the beach, my friend from high school, Dana Murray, posted her Hitch Fit Transformation pictures and story on Facebook. I was instantly inspired and motivated to learn more. I could relate to her story 100%. I was already craving the desire to be stronger and healthier and her story hit close to home and got my attention. While I was sitting on the beach, I sent my friend a private message and began asking her questions about her transformation. Everything she was telling me about the nutrition and the one-on-one workout program was everything I was seeking. Through our conversation, I learned that one of the Hitch Fit locations was just blocks away from my full-time job. How perfect because I could get in my workouts over lunch or right after work. I purchased a $20 Groupon for two 60-minute personal training sessions and made the call to start that following week. Everything just fell into place.

I was ever so excited to begin this journey and it felt so good to be packing a workout bag again. I had written down all my goals and my reasons why so that I wouldn’t forget my vision and where I wanted to go. I was ready for change and now I had a plan of action. I met my trainer Nancy Choquette and we immediately hit it off. We walked through my goals and what I wanted to achieve and we got started. Our first workout together was not bad, all doable, but hard. At the near end of one of our workout sessions, I was struggling to finish the last set of tricep dips and I said out loud “I can’t” and I fell to the ground. Saying this out loud was hard for me because I was breaking my own rule of never saying the words “I can’t”. Nancy said “Shannon, yes, you can do this”. I took a moment, and sat back down on the bench, and told myself “I can do this and I WILL do it”. Sure enough; I did finish and I finished my last set in tears; tears because I didn’t give up and I pushed through the pain. It made my day because I didn’t quit and I pushed myself like I hadn’t pushed myself in a really long time.

I loved my weekly workouts with Nancy and I looked forward to seeing her twice a week and getting in an awesome weight training session. Over the course of several weeks of my transformation, I began to find my love for running again. I used to be addicted to running and it was my outlet for stress and a way for me to manage my weight and I had lost that desire several years ago. As part of my cardio exercise plan, I started running a couple of times a week and then I started to sign up for 5K races again. The races were fun for me because I would invite a friend along and I even ran a race with my oldest son. My husband of 21 years is one of my biggest supporters and he was with me at every race and encouraged me with positive words and belief in me. Many of my friends and family were beginning to notice a change in my physical appearance but I was noticing a shift in my mind and spirit, as well. I learned so much about myself during this transformation than I ever thought I would. Not only was I transforming my body, but I was also transforming my mind and spirit. I wouldn’t define this transformation process as a weight loss program because it’s so much more than that. In the past, I was always so focused on my weight on the scale and what dress size I wore, that I was missing the whole picture. My journey now became more about feeling strong, confident, and healthy (and with that came weight loss and smaller dress sizes).

One of the many obstacles that I overcame during this transformation was my relationship with food and family. I have a husband and two sons of the home – 21 and 17 years old (who like to eat) and we have always cherished our weeknight dinners together. In the beginning of my transformation, preparing the weekly meal plan was challenging because I now had to plan healthier options; and would those options be something my family would be interested in eating. This was hard for me and I had to be very creative at times to make it work for everyone. About the fourth week into my transformation, things began to click at home with the menu and I was able to prepare their favorite meals and also prepare mine and sit down and eat with them; feeling happy and satisfied and not lonely and left out. This was a huge milestone and breakthrough for me. Not only was I becoming physically stronger, now I was becoming mentally stronger.

I continued my transformation and training with Nancy for approximately six months. I had a few detours along the way but always got back on track with the support of Nancy and the Hitch Fit family. Nancy and I would call those detours “the Shannon plan” and the Shannon plan just didn’t produce the results I was seeking or working towards. Once I set my mind to get serious and follow the plan 100%, I started to see continuous improvements. I am stronger and healthier and I am making great strides in the path of being “Fifty and Fabulous”. I didn’t get to where I was overnight so I can’t expect to reach my goals overnight. I have to be patient with myself and not beat myself up when I have moments of setback. It’s going to happen; I just have to get back up and start again. My transformation is not complete, but thanks to Hitch Fit, I have a plan and a healthy lifestyle to get me to my goals.

I mentioned earlier that Nancy and I hit it off. She is an amazing and inspiring walking testament of this program. She knows exactly when to push hard and when to just offer true understanding of the process. We have laughed till our bellies hurt and have cried tears of joy and pain. She was always available to answer any questions I had; day or night. She is very educated in nutrition and personal training. I trusted her through this whole process and appreciate everything I have learned from her but most of all, I cherish her support.

I would recommend the Hitch Fit program to anyone who is wanting to make great changes in their life. Not only have I gotten healthier and stronger, I have also made a great circle of friends who want to see me succeed and reach my goals. The Hitch Fit family (trainers and clients) is the real deal and an amazing support system. They understand the struggle, they provide support in the good and the hard times, and they forever believe in you. That is priceless!”

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