Busy Nurse and Mom Loses 47 Pounds at Hitch Fit Gym!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City Personal Trainer Nancy Choquette!
busy nurse loses 47 pounds

busy nurse loses 47 pounds

Tina’s Before and After 47 Pound Weight Loss Photos:

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Tina’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
“My name is Tina Nelson and I am a wife to my husband Casey, and mother of 2 kiddos, a dog and a cat. My husband and I have a daughter, Kaylee, 5 years old, and our son, Jacob, 2 years old. We also have our dog, Milo and our cat, Otis. I am a nurse at our local children’s hospital in the Operating Room, where I get to be a part of a wonderful team who takes care of kiddos during their surgical procedures, as well as being a Team Leader for the General Surgery Team. Aside from working full-time, I am also going to school part-time to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I started this program 2 months after my son was born and have been taking anywhere between 3-7 credit hours of class each semester, including summers, since starting in August of 2016. In the Fall, I also am the head coach of the Park Hill Girls Rugby Team. This time commitment includes 2 practices per week for about 2 hours and tournaments over about 4 weekends between August and October. Lastly, my husband and I like to keep our kids involved in at least one activity, therefore, Kaylee has been going to gymnastics for a couple years now, and Jacob recently started this Fall 2018. As one can probably tell… my husband has got to be pretty amazing to deal with this busy life I have created!
So you might wonder what made me choose to start Hitch Fit. Before having kids, I had been an active athlete participating in rugby and also had completed my first sprint triathlon. I don’t remember my weight then, but it was probably about 160 lbs. Shortly after getting married to Casey in June of 2012, we decided that we wanted to start our family. We got pregnant after a few months and had a healthy pregnancy. After giving birth to Kaylee in October 2013, I started playing rugby the next spring. Working out was second nature and losing the baby weight was a breeze. I was breastfeeding and dropped from 203 the day she was born, to 152lbs less than 6 months later. Fast forward to before I got pregnant with Jacob, I was about 175lbs. I had gained some weight back and was sitting at what I believed was a healthy weight for me. The day Jacob was born, in June of 2016, I walked in the hospital hoping that I wasn’t above 200lbs, and that morning, I wasn’t!! But boy was I close! Breastfeeding this time was just as easy, however, the pounds didn’t seem to melt off like they had with Kaylee. I also didn’t return to playing rugby as I had before, started my masters degree, and went right into coaching the girls rugby team that fall. Focusing on myself was not a priority, or even a concern at that time, and life turned into survival mode. Priorities were now kids, school, work, rugby, my relationship with Casey, and lastly my own personal health. This continued until Spring of 2018, and I was now above 190 lbs.
I was completely exhausted and was pretty unhappy with where I was. My husband could tell these changes were taking a toll, and he mentioned a few fitness options, one being Hitch Fit. After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to make a move and set up a meeting with Nancy. After meeting with her, I took the weekend to think over the program and meal plan. Ultimately, I chose to make a move to better my health!

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Upon starting Hitch Fit, Nancy asked me about foods I liked and created a meal plan for me. This included eating 5 meals a day, which we discussed could be challenging, due to my job as a scrub nurse in the Operating Room. I had to do my best to get out for a quick snack, and sometimes I didn’t make it. We discussed what to do in these situations; she made it a point that I needed to eat as close as possible to the scheduled times, but if not, I still needed to eat all the meals! I stuck with the same meal plan for several weeks into the program before mixing in other options. Nancy helped me understand when to eat which macros, and how much of each. By learning this information, I am now able to use the nutrition labels to decide how different foods can be incorporated into my meals, in order to reach my goals.
Since finishing Hitch Fit about a month ago, I have been able to maintain my weight, even while going on a mission trip to Ethiopia. I plan to continue meal prepping, as I have found that it is so much easier to eat healthy when the food is prepared and ready to go. It is very easy to go off of a balanced meal plan when hunger strikes, and things aren’t ready. I have found that old habits can sneak back in quickly, and sugar can really damage all the hard work, in a very short time. As for exercising, I plan to hit the weights a couple times each week, along with a few sessions of cardio. I have really enjoyed getting back in shape and becoming more fit than I have been in the past! Thank you to my husband for all the support, to all the Hitch Fit trainers for their motivation, and most of all to Nancy, who whooped my butt every time I came to see her!! 47 lbs. lost feels AMAZING!!!
Love you Nancy!! Thanks for everything you’ve done for me!”

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