Hitch Fit is So excited to Share Jason’s Hitch fit transformation Story. He contacted us wanting to go through transformation and change his overall lifestyle. Very proud to announce he accomplished just that.

Starting Weight- 189lbs

Bodyfat%- 25.8%

Ending Weight – 164 lbs

Bodyfat% 9


Fit and 40 | Kansas City Man Gets Ripped

Having to have knee surgery, coupled with life’s other hurdles, I really had everything I needed as far as excuses go. I used my recovery time as a big excuse to eat everything in sight, not have any physical activity, and just plain feel sorry for myself. I felt that with being 40, that this was just where I was going to be….this was the hand I was dealt. Ironically, at the same time, I started seeing HitchFit adds more and more on social media. I saw stories of others who wanted change, and had made the choice to say “No More!” That’s when I decided to walk into HitchFit, and it changed my life.

Fit and 40 | Kansas City Man Gets Ripped

I walked into a positive and encouraging environment, and my eyes were totally opened to the whole nutrition side of fitness. I realized my idea of healthy eating was one of the main reasons I had never gotten far in the gym. I also came to realize the more I dialed in my eating habits, not only did I see results that I had never seen before, but it got easier as time went on. I didn’t crave the things I use to, and honestly when I occasionally did eat something not so healthy, it just didn’t live up to what I had expected. It just wasn’t my thing anymore. Things started changing, and changing, and changing! This was an amazing journey! Not only did my physical appearance change, but it showed me just as much about my will and dedication, and how strong I was mentally. It has been one of those defining moments that let me know that I truly can achieve great things in life if I set my mind to it.

Fit and 40 | Kansas City Man Gets Ripped

I would highly recommend HitchFit to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change. I would tell them not to wait one more day thinking about it, but to use today as the day to take the 1st step to being a better you. Use this day as the day to say “No More!” You’re capable of so much more than you think! Get a dream, make it a vision, and let HitchFit give you the map to the destination!

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