Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park TRANSFORMER (Personal Trainer) Stephanie Daratony

Fifty Fit and Fabulous! – Betsy becomes the leanest she has been in 30 years with Hitch Fit at 55 years young!

A note from Stephanie:

I am so proud of this woman. Not only has she changed her lifestyle to be more healthy and positive, but she has found inner happiness that has brought out so much confidence, clarity, and strength that wasn’t there before her journey with Hitch Fit. I can confidently say that Betsy is a changed woman, who has adopted this new lifestyle and is never looking back!

Betsy and her boyfriend, Eric were peeking in the gym one night while I was locking up. As I was leaving, I struck up conversation with the two of them. About a week later, I get an email from Betsy saying she would like to give Hitch Fit a try. After trying every “diet” plan on the market, Betsy was skeptical, but I am so thankful she trusted in the process the entire way, and boy – did it pay off!


Betsy Lost:

27 lbs of body fat

10 inches around her waist and hips

Total of 10.5% body fat

Betsy before and after front

Betsy before and after side

Betsy before and after back

About Betsy:

To give you a little idea about how hard this woman worked – Betsy started at a size 14/16 pant size and she is now down to an itty-bitty size 8. She came in with high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels and she is now down to healthy blood level ranges in both categories. Her cholesterol was borderline high and is now at a very healthy level and her blood triglyceride levels are also lower.

Physically, Betsy is in the best shape of her life. Her body has changed shape entirely. By building up her upper body and losing body fat in her waistline, Betsy was able to change the shape of her body completely and feel more fit and toned then ever before. With Hitch Fit, her endurance levels have increased tri-fold. Every week Betsy would push herself with her cardio and can now confidently run 1 mile straight with no rest – something she hasn’t been able to do for 30 years.

Growing up and through adult hood, Betsy has trained horses, worked 10 years for UPS, and was a master chef in various restaurants – so her careers have always been physically active and demanding. These hard labor jobs brought about broken bones, knee pain, and stiff joints. Throughout her weight loss journey she learned how to lift weights to help strengthen her weak areas. Through hard work and dedication to her new healthy lifestyle, Betsy has reached her weight loss goal that she hasn’t been able to attain for over 15 years!!

Betsy and stephanie

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