Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park TRANSFORMER (Personal Trainer) Amy Gipson

Bikini Competitor Gets Stage Ready at Hitch Fit Gym!
Angie, drops 15 lbs and 7% Body Fat


A note from Amy:

“I have been on the edge of my seat excited to release my client Angie’s story! Angie came to me back in January 2015 and her main goal was to do something different and compete in the May 2015 WBFF show. I recall discussing with her the areas we needed to focus on and told her that she would love the experience. Well, she most certainly put her mind to it and did just that. Angie competed in the Diva Bikini Tall category and looked absolutely beautiful all awhile she shed 15 lbs and 7% body fat! Angie, I am so proud of you and your hard work. I look forward to seeing you on stage again in the near future!”

Angie’s Stats:

Starting weight: 161.4 lbs

Ending weight: 146 lbs

Starting body fat: 21.63 %

Ending body fat: 14.5 %

Angie before and after front

Angie before and after side



Angie’s’ Story:

I began working with Amy Gipson and Hitch Fit in January. I did a lot of research into different competition organizations, trainers and gyms in the KC area. I knew I wanted someone local, someone who had competed before, an organization that not only had high standards, natural athletes, but also one that contained athletes that utilized their success to help and motivate others toward healthy and fit lifestyles. Hitch Fit seemed like the perfect fit for what I was looking for, and I loved getting to work with Amy!

I have been an endurance athlete for years competing in numerous running, cycling and triathlon events. I was ready for a new athletic endeavor and something that would challenge me in new ways! I had begun weight training 3x per week for about a year and half prior to deciding to compete, but I knew that for a competition, I would need help! I would need guidance, a motivator, and someone who had ‘been there, done that!”. I knew my weight training would have to increase significantly and I would have to modify my meal plan, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

Amy was outstanding to work with! She was always positive, encouraging, and very thorough in my competition prep plan. From workouts to nutrition she was on top of it all. She prepared me step-by-step for what to expect before and during the competition. She was excellent with modifying my meal plan, keeping me on track with my workouts, and tracking my progress! She helped me with everything for my show! And I mean everything – from my swim and evening gown wear, to my shoes and taught me how to pose and “walk-the-walk” on stage!

The competition was a ton of fun, and I felt great during it! I couldn’t have done it without Amy and Hitch Fit! I learned so much along the way and can’t wait to compete in another one!

Angie and AMy


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