Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Downtown TRANSFORMER (Personal Trainer) Lesley Denny

Customized Fat Loss Plan Gets Mom of 2 in Bikini Shape!
A note from Lesley:
“I’m SUPER excited to share Nina’s transformation! She lost over 10% body fat! This one is very special to me because I have known Nina for several years and she has become a close friend of mine. We used to work together and she has done my makeup for my local competitions and for my wedding! It was then she asked me about doing a competition herself and I couldn’t have been more excited to help her with her own journey to the stage post-baby. This girl is a FIGHTER and she doesn’t complain, quit or give up and it she was really a trainer’s dream to work with. AND doing all this with 2 little ones at home. She is one determined chick and the pictures reflect just that! She did very well and placed in her first competition which is awesome in itself but her family was so supportive and saw how much she was able to accomplish that she inspired her family to live a healthier life as well. I can’t wait to share her husband’s transformation next! Her sister in laws will follow, how awesome is that?!!! SUPER PROUD of this girl!”
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Nina’s Story:
“I have been fortunate to know and to have professionally worked with Lesley for over 8 years now. We’ve always stayed in contact through Facebook and I would watch how her career went from being a hairstylist to this amazing trainer. I had the opportunity to do her makeup for her wedding and it was then I asked her all about her competitions she has competed in. I was so inspired and blown away that I finally decided to commit to a complete transformation and to compete in the Liberty Southern Natural Bikini Competition! At that moment my boys were 2 years old and 7 months old. So naturally I was fired up to get my pre-baby body back. Little did I know it was going to be much more then getting back into shape. I had to be dedicated and transform many things in my life to be successful at reaching my goals. The process was very challenging….wake up early before my children, be downtown to workout by 6:30 am to put in a rigorous workout, and be back home to get everyone fed and ready for their day. If you are a parent you can only imagine how difficult it is to add on an additional intense routine that solely involves yourself. I was often exhausted and having to push through some physically and emotionally demanding days, but I knew I had to push through because in just 12 weeks I was going to be on stage in front of hundreds of people in a bikini. Yikes! What was I thinking?! A mommy of a toddler and baby?! Am I nuts?! Those thoughts quickly passed as I realized what mothers out there have to do everyday. They face a lot more challenges than I do, and lots of times they are not challenges that they have sought out for. After that thought had settled in, I was humbled and tapped into the amazing inner strength that mothers and parents provide their children everyday! I was fortunate to have the incredible support of everyone in my life, especially my husband who helped out and encourage me throughout the entire process. After the first few weeks it was so mind blowing how quickly my body started to change, I’ve always worked out and ate some what healthy, but with the exercise and diet plan Lesley customized for me, my body was now working in sync with the fuel I was nourishing it with and the cardio/weights I was doing almost every day. Although I was amazed by my own physical transformation, I was more surprised by what I learned about myself along the way. As a result of believing in myself and demonstrating my commitment to my goals, I was inspiring everyone around me! It was so powerful to see how my tenacity was the very thing that caused a wave of change in my friends and family. In just a few months of competing my family and friends collective lost over 150 lbs and are well on their way to transforming their lives too! Nothing in the world feels better than living a life of health and happiness with those you love! Get inspired, believe in yourself, and tap into your super woman power! You can do it!”
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