Busy Mom Weight Loss

Busy Mom Weight Loss. Mother of two, Nichole, lost 22 pounds with Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Austin Stone
at Hitch Fit Gym!
busy mom weight loss

busy mom weight loss

Nichole’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:
Beginning weight: 134
Ending weight: 113
Beginning body fat: 27%
Ending body fat: 18%
Stomach: 3 1/4 inches lost
Nichole’s Before and After 22 Pound Weight Loss Photos:

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Fit Mom Weight Loss

Nichole’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

Mommy, are you going to the gym?”

“I have two daughters — Caitlin (4) and Emma (1.5), and regularly work 60+ hours a week as a Senior Manager in consulting at Deloitte. My husband, Pat, and I are constantly trying to juggle everything and despite knowing I should exercise regularly, it was always taking a back seat with everything else going on in our life.

I was active in sports in high school and remained at a consistent weight during college as a result of decent eating habits and some exercise here and there.

Starting at Deloitte, after college, was a huge lifestyle shift for me – traveling four days a week, eating out every night, working long hours, etc. I gained some weight, but somehow it was never that much.

After returning from family leave, with my second daughter in August of 2018, I took a different role at Deloitte that would allow me to get off the road and work from home. I was excited to travel less (having accumulated 800+ hotel nights), but I was NOT excited when I came to the realization that I had gained ~10 pounds when I was only eight months in to my new role.

I told my husband I had to do something about it and that I wanted a personal trainer for my birthday this past April.

22 Pounds of Weight Loss

He told me to go for it and six months later I was down 22 lbs (…and below my 2014 wedding weight)!

For me, accountability is key. I have learned there are certain times in life when investing in yourself is worth it. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to graduate from MIT if I hadn’t paid for a GMAT course to get my score to where it needed to be, and I thought of this in a similar fashion. I knew if I invested in myself, set a goal, and had someone, like Austin, to hold me accountable I would get where I wanted to be, quickly, and I did!

Now I have a new goal – to continue to say YES to the question my daughter asked me on numerous occasions during my Hitch Fit transformation!”

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