Busy Entrepreneur Loses 30 Pounds and Gets off Meds!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City Personal Trainer Nancy Choquette!
*Weight loss note! At the end of her 12 weeks Jill had lost 25.5 pounds, since then she has continued to lose and is down over 30 pounds!

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Jill’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

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30 pound weight loss

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Jill’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
“I joined Hitch Fit just 2 weeks before the opening of our 2nd restaurant, and 3rd business, the Golden Ox. I also own Moxie Catering and Voltaire Restaurant with my business partner, Wes, of almost 15 years. The goal was simply to shed a few pounds, as the media was knocking on our doors for photos. Although I had mastered the duck, smoochy, side-face photo, and the art of leggings with oversized tunics, I was not in great shape, and did not like the way I looked, or felt, for that matter. The 40s somehow turned against me and 45 was here, and now…I was on high blood pressure meds, wearing readers because of it, and nothing fit anymore. Ugggggg….My friends and I would sit every Sunday night, with our white wine and talk about working out, then have another glass, and repeat….
Then one Monday morning I just did it, I sent Hitch Fit a message and Nancy texted me back. I held my breath and went to meet her. I was planning on saying “get me in shape, but don’t take away my wine, and ohh yeah, I have 2 weeks!…”
Nancy! Thank goodness for Nancy. This lady is amazing. I instantly felt like “I can do this”…with no hesitation I signed up for 12 weeks. I started the meal plan right away. Just a few weeks in, I saw changes happening and it was so exciting!
Everyone wants to know how…How did I make the time? How do you work around food all the time and stick to it?
Nancy just told me to eat smart, and don’t be weird! Funny! –that is Exactly what I tell my brides (clients) when choosing wedding food!
I looked at Hitch Fit as a form of therapy, and everyone needs some therapy, right?! I never thought that on top of the 2 hours a week with Nancy, I could somehow work in 5 more hours on my own–but that’s what she said would work, and she was so right!
Almost 30 pounds down, 14 weeks, no blood pressure meds, no reading glasses, and now my biggest problem?–the clothes I want to fit back into are now too big! Nancy and the entire team are awesome; you can tell when people love what they do, and everyone at Hitch Fit is just that!”

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