Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer (Transformer) Stephanie Daratony!

Weight Loss Plan Builds STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE for this Nurse!


A note from Stephanie:
When I first met Emily, she was on FIRE to transform. In our initial meeting together she said she had just finished paying off her student loans, and that she wanted her next investment to be in herself. One of the first questions I asked her was if she had people around her to support and motivate her, and her response was – “None of my family or friends know I am doing this…this is for ME, and I am ready.” Talk about SELF MADE.

“I absolutely cannot wait! An even better version of myself, so stoked!!” – Emily Week 1

Ever since our initial meeting, Emily has never looked back. Day in and day out, Emily would juggle her night shifts as a full-time nurse, meal prepping, consistent nutrition, and her new active lifestyle like it was a cake walk. She committed 110% to this new healthy lifestyle and her hard work definitely shows both inside and out!

“I am shocked how much difference happened in only 4 weeks, I could tell my cloths were fitting better but its like a whole new me..I’m pretty awe struck” – Emily Week 4

Emily and I worked every week to get her where she wanted to be and I am so proud of how far she has come. Coming out of this transformation, Emily has really transformed herself into a more happy and healthy version of herself. She will soon be standing in one of her best friends weddings and I couldn’t be more excited about how far she has come since we began working together. Her strength in the gym has grown, and her knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle will stick with her forever.

“I boosted a 300 lb patient up in bed with only one other person helping me at work! #beastmode” – Emily Week 8

Emily’s progress has been so great, and her resilience has been amazing – in the midst of overnight shifts at the hospital, and a handful of challenges along the way, Emily’s progress has really been something to be proud of. Throughout Emily’s transformation journey, she has lost 10 lbs of pure fat, is down 5 inches in her waist and hips, is down two pant sizes, and is down to 20% body fat.
Emily has become such a strong classy woman with so much confidence in who she is both inside and out. With her transformation coming to a close, I am so excited to watch all her future accomplishments and happiness that stem from this investment she made in herself – you go girl!
Emily before and after front
Emily before and after back
Emily’s Story:

Growing up I always had body issues. I never felt comfortable in my own skin and I always compared myself to other people. I was never able to get to a point where I loved my body and embraced how I looked. I knew I was telling myself I was larger in my head than I actually was in real life but no matter what I did, I never felt confident and beautiful in who I was. Even knowing I was made in The Lord’s image and he loved me just the way I was didn’t give me any peace about my body. I had tried working out and eating healthy and even dropped a few pounds in college after high school but somehow was never able to keep the weight off and it seemed the more healthy I tried to eat, the more the pounds stayed or even increased slightly. It was a never ending exhausting cycle.
Being a nurse, I thought I knew what it meant to eat healthy I mean after all I educate my patients on a daily basis on what is and isn’t healthy to eat and yet my tips for them never seemed to work for myself. So I would eat what I considered healthy food and use good portion control and went about my life that way. Never would I have thought that an item of clothing would give me so much motivation. A bridesmaid dress of all things..when I went and tried it on the first time, I couldn’t stand it, and honestly it wasn’t the dress was the way it looked on me. I started discussing ways the dress could be altered to make it fit me better with the bridal salon attendant and all I got was an overwhelming feeling of frustration. Looking at myself in the mirror, I wasn’t happy and I knew the dress was the wrong size. When they asked if I would like to order it that day, I politely turned them down and said that I would workout and lose weight so that I could order a smaller size. I was given a sarcastic remark of the dresses coming in smaller than the ones people try on in the store and I said okay. That all happened while on a visit to see one of my most precious friends back in August. We went bridesmaid dress shopping while I was visiting her and with her wedding around the corner I knew I could make a change if I only had the right tools.
I had heard of a few people close to me that used HITCH FIT and after pouring myself over all of the testimonies, I took a leap of faith and decided to make a call. When I called, I was told someone would be matched up with me and in contact with me in a matter of minutes. No more than 5 minutes later, I had a call from a very perky and energetic sounding girl on the other end who said her name was Stephanie. She asked me about what I wanted my goals to be and what I hoped to accomplish. I told her about the bridesmaid dress shopping nightmare and how I wanted my self esteem to improve and I wanted to look and feel confident in whatever I was wearing whether it was scrubs or a very special friend’s bridesmaid dress. I also told her I wanted to get healthier and stronger so I could live a better life. She asked me why now and I said after paying off my student loans I was ready to invest in myself. I was sick and tired of the same cycle and I was ready to make a change. A permanent life change to not only benefit me now short term for a wedding and a dress but for the rest of my life. We set a date to meet later that week and that began a new cycle for me.
I showed up early for our appointment and almost talked myself out of going inside. After gathering up some courage and saying a quick prayer I marched myself inside and sat down on the couch unsure of what I was doing there and feeling so out of place. Then, out of no where A petite, blonde, energetic girl came bounding out of the back room and instantly introduced herself yup, it was Stephanie and from that day on, a new cycle was started. A cycle where I worked out at least 3 days a week on my own balancing working full time nights as a nurse and life and in addition to that, a meal plan with strict guidelines such a drinking a gallon of water a day! I’ll admit that was a bit of a struggle at first but working into it now I can literally feel it in my body when I don’t get all of my water for the day. Through the meal plan I discovered what my problem had been with eating healthy…I had been eating too many carbs! I know it may seem silly but honestly when I would use portion control and eat pasta or rice or anything like that, my portion would still be too much. Additionally to all of this new cycle, I worked out with Stephanie twice a week and she would kick my butt each and every time.
Day one with her I drank my entire water bottle almost half way through our one hour session and left dripping in sweat but feeling so good about myself. I was on fire I couldn’t wait for the next workout and I instantly felt better about myself. I turned into a workout machine even squeezing in a 30 minute HIIT routine before getting ready to go into work for the night. When I could actually make it to the gym, my personalized workout plans were so easy to follow that I would put my ear phones in and just start going at it. I LOVED it. I got excited about working out and eating healthly and making it a point to drink my gallon of water a day. About 6 weeks in to my transformation and after seeing improvement each week with the progress pics and even my pinches I went and tried on the bridesmaid dress again hoping and praying my hard work had paid off to where I would be able to order another size and I couldn’t believe it..the original size I tried on was literally falling off of me! I instantly sized down and the dress looked amazing! I got the dress ordered since I found out it would take about 13 weeks for it to come in and sent Stephanie a picture of me in the dress. We both were blown away! At that moment, I had all the drive, motivation, and fire to keep me going and I couldn’t wait to see what my end result would be. I’ll admit some days it was hard to stick to the diet and I have a sweet tooth of a 4 year old child but I was able to find the balance without going overboard even avoiding any weight gain over thanksgiving. Throughout my transformation, the scale honestly didn’t move a lot. However, with weight lifting and eating healthy I toned up in a way I have never been able to tone up before and the end result was a confidence that sky rocketed, a much improved posture and being happy with my body and genuinely LOVING how I looked and felt. Even my friends told me I carried myself differently in a more confident way. I hadn’t even noticed but as I “transformed” my entire self confidence and self esteem transformed too into something wonderful. Working with Stephanie, she became so much more to me than just a trainer, she became a wonderful friend of who I could share life updates with and who also encouraged me and motivated me every step of the way. Before Stephanie, I couldn’t even do a push up and now..I can do push ups! and I’m not talking about the girl altered ones I am talking full on push ups!!
I have never been able to do a push up ever even when I was younger. With Stephanie giving me a wonderful jumping off point and with my wonderful church friends encouraging me non stop and also with the full strength of The Lord behind me each and every step of the way, I have become a beautiful, confident young woman inside and out ready to take life by the horns and see what it has in store for me. Phillipans 4:13 has been such an encouragement to me during this time and the words are as meaningful now as when they were first spoken. I CAN do ALL things through CHRIST who GIVES me STRENGTH! So many days I wanted to give up and just quit especially when I was in a car accident 4 weeks before my transformation was over and we had to alter workouts for my sore achy body but, I could feel The Lord pushing me onward and with using Stephanie and the people around me to support me, I have received many many blessings of which I am extremely grateful for and humbled by. As I stand by my friend in her wedding in March wearing a dress that fits beautifully, I can’t help but wonder and anticipate what other wonderful things God has in store for my life.”

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