Weight Loss Battle WON at Hitch Fit Overland Park!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer Karen Ruff

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A note from Hitch Fit Personal Trainer Karen Ruff:

Holly came to me after losing some weight on her own, but wanted to tone up, feel great, learn healthy habits and continue her weight loss journey!
I’m so very proud of all the hard work! Holly made great progress despite working 14 hour days, taking care of her two boys,
and juggling schedules with child care. Holly never quit. She stayed consistent and followed the nutrition. She found ways in which she could maintain her mental focus and overall motivation. I’m so inspired by all your hard work Holly. Thank you for allowing me to help guide you through your journey! ??
Holly’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:

Total weight loss: 30

Body fat%: 6% loss
Belly measurement loss: 4 inches

Holly’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

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before and after weight loss overland park

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Holly’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“My life has forever been changed in an amazing way because of one amazing experience with my trainer, Karen at Hitch Fit! Weight has been a lifelong battle for me, which everyone around me knows this. I’ve tried any and every diet possible which was never a great ending result, going back to my old habits. For me, past experiences, good and bad, are what made my decision to begin one amazing journey with one amazing trainer…one story that I couldn’t block (although I wanted to) was a negative comment from a peer of mine, expressing to an employee of mine that I was that “big fat blonde”- for me, this was something that I decided wasn’t going to bring me down but rather push me to change myself for the better. I refused to let this person ruin me and although he probably thought that’s what he was doing, he actually pushed me in a better, life-changing direction! The most important influence for me in changing my lifestyle was keeping up with my amazing two boys, one with special needs. I began to realize that if I wanted my boys to eat better then I had to make that change for myself as well. Also, trying to keep up with them and being there for them during there different struggles, meant getting myself to that energetic, fun-loving Mom that I knew was in me!

More than anything, I have to give a huge shout out to my trainer Karen- I cannot express enough the love and support she provided- I had many falls during the process but Karen never EVER gave up and when she felt I was struggling she always found a way to push me. She would text me during holidays with motivational quotes, spent a ton of free time finding me better food choices, send me recipes, give me advice if food options weren’t working out for me…and truly cared about how I was doing on a daily basis! My body has never been in better shape and I’ve not only made a life-style change but made one amazing, inspirational friend along the way! What I have taken from this whole experience with the Hitch Fit team is that this wasn’t another “diet” I was trying but rather a “lifestyle” change that I will forever live by!”

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Holly’s husband went through transformation at Hitch Fit Gym too!

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Are YOU Ready for YOUR Transformation with Karen?

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