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Royals Fan Loses 33 Pounds with Hitch Fit!

Royals Fan Loses 33 Pounds at Hitch Fit

A note from Diana: “The gorgeous Sabrina is an AVID Kansas City Royals fan! She is a friend of Hitch Fit superstar Brandi Wisdom (friends from the ballpark of course!) When the Royals won the World Series in 2015, she knew it was her time to “Get Off the Bench” and make healthy changes. With a busy travel schedule, yes, she knew it would be a challenge, but also realized it was worth it for the improvements to her health and fitness! Changing up the eating habits was the critical piece of the puzzle. That was one of the most important things she learned with us at Hitch Fit! In 12 weeks, Sabrina shed 33 pounds, and that was just the beginning, this amazing woman is still making those healthy choices and inspiring so many around her! Go Sabrina!!”

LOST – 33 Pounds & 10% Body Fat

GAINED – A Healthy New Lifestyle!

Kansas City Personal Training - Before and After Royals Fan 33 Pound Weight Loss

Best Personal Training in Kansas City - Before and After 33 Pound Weight LossBefore and After Weight Loss in Kansas City - 33 Pounds Lost


Sabrina’s Story:

“I was super skinny in high school then gained weight along the road through college and beyond. I know the weight gain stemmed from a deeper issue with comments from family members but I could never stop the process. I quickly became the funny girl with a pretty face. I never lacked confidence and never saw myself as others did which allowed me to keep on moving on the same road of not taking care of myself or being serious about losing weight.

I tried many other programs to lose weight. I was never committed to them and it never stayed off. We all know the yo-yo dieting. About 2 years ago I started talking to my friend Brandi Wisdom about the programs offered at Hitch Fit. We discussed at length, during Royals baseball, about being mentally ready how I wouldn’t be able to eat cheese and all the other things I could come up with NOT to take the leap. I kept thinking I would do something during the winter while my schedule slowed down but I just stayed “on the bench” and pondered when it was my time “at the plate”. FINALLY, the Royals won the World Series and I thought to myself now it is my turn to win. I called up Brandi and told her I was ready, mentally. It took me a bit to realize that doing the online program was actually going to be best when I had structure in my life and the only time that happens is when it is baseball season.

I started my online program right after the Home Opener and decided that there is NEVER a good ‘start’ day. I am super busy never at home. Online worked best for me because I travel. Yes, travel. For the first month of my program I was gone more than I was home. I packed a cooler with all my essentials and carried it to the East Coast, to Chicago, to Atlanta and to Royals games. Diana kept me on point for those trips giving me tips on how to succeed when there isn’t much to choose from at work conferences.

The things that surprised me the most were those that were my supporters and non-supporters. Making a change in your life really gives you clarity on who is on your team. I am a social eater. I sincerely appreciate all those that didn’t force me to a pizza joint but instead chose a fresh fish joint instead. Those small decisions make all the difference in the world when you are working to make yourself healthier and fit!

During my journey people kept asking me what my goal was. My response was always “Not to eat cheese for 12 weeks, not to hurt anyone because I can’t eat cheese and after that we will see what happens.” Now I have to find a seamstress to take in all my favorite shorts and jeans! I am not going to stop here… this is a new way of thinking about food and exercise.

I want to thank Brandi Wisdom for being the most supportive of all my friends. She has the biggest heart and knows how to tell you what you need to hear (good and bad) when you need to hear it!”

Kansas City Weight Loss Story - 33 Pounds Lost at Hitch Fit!

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